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"Ultimate Duck Hunting" ships nationwide to all major retailers including Wal-Mart this week.

For Immediate Release:

May 2, 2006

"Ultimate Duck Hunting" is the first and only 3D hunting game that can be played on-line as well as in single play!! And, because of its multiplay feature, this PC game appeals to both the casual and the serious gamer.

And, talk about realism and fun, imagine being on a remote island with three other hunters and wild ducks flying all around you! The atmosphere is alive with gunfire, honking ducks, rain and thunder. Between the four of you, you shoot down 24 ducks and then you guide your dog to retrieve the falling ducks. This is ultimate fun because the dog that retrieves the most ducks, wins! But wait! The fallen ducks are not dead, only wounded and they swim. Plus, your dog, depending on how well you've done in the past, gets tired and must be rested. And, inevitably, two dogs will go after the same duck at the same time. So, it's a dog fight!

But, that is not all, if you, the hunter, can out-maneuver your fellow hunters and intercept the returning dogs with the prized ducks, you get the high scores! Therefore, it is a human's fight also.

There is no other game like it! And it is great fun to duck hunt in single play. Select from six, real hunting locales in North America, pick and train your dog in the four essential retrieve commands, choose your camo, gun and place your decoys. Then, go hunting.

The more and better you play, the more points you earn to improve your dog. Eventually, you will have the fastest, strongest, best trained dog possible. Then you join your buddies on the internet and kick their rear ends! It is highly addictive and great fun!

At $19.97, "Ultimate Duck Hunting" breathes new life into hunting games and become the modern-day "Deer Hunter"! Get it in all major stores or order it online at

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