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Ulead Announces VideoStudio 9 MPEG-4 Plug-in

Movie Making for the Sony PlayStation Portable and More!

Northampton 14th June 2004, Ulead Systems Inc, leading developer of Picture, Video and Web design software has announced the availability of the MPEG-4 Plug-in for VideoStudio 9.

The MPEG-4 plug-in for VideoStudio 9 lets you create video files suitable for any device. Choose your format - PDA, mobile phone, DVD-quality or Sony PlayStation Portable - and the ready-to-go template makes a video designed just for that device.

Play Videos on your Sony PSP®! The Sony PlayStation® Portable, also know as a PSP®, is the hottest new portable entertainment console around but it also offers more the just playing games. With the PSP® you can also listen to MP3's, view photos and watch movies & videos! Ulead's MPEG-4 plug-in makes VideoStudio 9 the first consumer video editing solution to allow consumers to take advantage of the powerful media playback capabilities of the new Sony platform.

About MPEG-4:

MPEG-4 was defined by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) and hundreds of researchers around the world contributed to its development. It has been designed to deliver DVD (MPEG-2) quality video via small file sizes that will play back on many different devices, from mobile phones to satellite television, and is ready to stream incredible-quality audio and video over the Internet. With MPEG-4, you can create, watch and share high-quality video almost everywhere.

About VideoStudio 9:

Ulead VideoStudio is, the newest version of its easy-to-use and powerful video editing software. Ulead designed VideoStudio 9 to make it scalable, with three different video editing modes, to meet the skill level and various project demands of both novices and hobbyists. VideoStudio 9 takes automated video editing to the next level. Novices can start with the new DV-to-DVD Wizard, which, in two steps, automatically takes video straight off a DV camcorder and turns it into an edited DVD production. For both automation and control, the enhanced Movie Wizard lets users choose a stylish movie template like Sports, Holiday, Vacation, and even Drive-in Movie Theatre, and edits the video with text, music, transitions and a DVD menu - all of which can be customised. For complete control, the full Video Editor provides a set of easy-to-use yet powerful video editing tools including Chroma Keying, Flash Animation overlays, Pan & Zoom on video and a variety of video and audio filters. VideoStudio 9 is available in retail from PC World, WH Smiths, Amazon, Dabs and other online stores as well as from at RRP £49.99 inc Vat

Price and Availability:

The MPEG Plug-in is available for purchase from at RRP £14.99 inc vat.

About Ulead Systems:

Ulead Systems Inc. develops innovative video, imaging and Web graphics applications to help users communicate their ideas effectively and creatively to audiences around the world. Founded in August 1989, Ulead Systems launched the first true-colour image editor for the personal computer in 1990. The company's award-winning products include Ulead® PhotoImpactTM, Ulead® VideoStudioTM, Ulead® MediaStudio ProTM, Ulead Photo ExpressTM, Ulead® COOL 3DTM, Ulead® GIF AnimatorTM, Ulead® Photo ExplorerTM, Ulead® GIF X.PluginTM, Ulead® DVD MovieFactoryTM, Ulead ® Pick-a-SoundTM, Ulead® Pick-a-VideoTM, Ulead® PictureShowTM Ulead® DVD WorkshopTM and Ulead® COOL 360TM.

For any Press enquiries or additional information, please contact:

Kathryn Lamb at K L Associates,

Tel: 01327 844880

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  • PSP is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc

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