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UKIE 'making progress' on UK digital chart

Trade association invites companies to contribute sales data

UK trade association UKIE has released an update on the progress of its digital chart, noting that the project is "gathering pace" - and inviting more companies to submit sales data.

The chart was first announced in August last year, and while initial hopes were to make data public before the end of 2010, the project is still in a closed beta phase.

"The UKIE membership has rallied behind this project and has worked tirelessly to overcome issues as they arose," said chairman Andy Payne. "They have shown a deep understanding of the importance of the project and the value of the end product that we are working towards.

"Our boxed charts are second to none and we want our digital charts to attain the same level of respect and trust. Therefore, we are now inviting all companies developing, publishing and distributing PC digital games in the UK to contact UKIE to discuss how they can get involved."

Among the contributors to the chart are Atari, Electronic Arts, Focus Multimedia, Kalypso Media Digital Limited, Mastertronic, NCsoft, Sega, Sony DADC, Square Enix, THQ, Ubisoft and Warner Bros.

While that list doesn't include overarching data from Valve's Steam platform - widely thought to account for around three-quarters of PC download sales in the Western markets - it may incorporate Steam sales from each individual publisher's titles.