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UKeSA Community Council

Nomination and election process opens for UK e-sporting body.


27th February 2009 (London, UK) – The United Kingdom eSports Association (UKeSA), the official governing body for competitive gaming in the UK, today announced that it is opening the nomination and election process for three community representative positions on the UKeSA Community Council.

“Following significant feedback that we’ve had from the community, we are going to open the Community Council elections to all members of the UK eSports community,” said Ray Mia, Chief Executive of UKeSA. “The objective is to make the Community Council both representative and inclusive of the UK eSports community.”

The Community Council will be responsible for community related operational and disciplinary matters, including:

• The enforcement of game, tournament and cup regulations.

• Disciplinary breaches of regulations and conduct for UKeSA approved events.

• Allocation of the Dell XPS Premiership seasonal cash retainer.

• Game type recommendations.

• Responsibility for game specific sub committees.

• Signing off game type rules recommended by game sub committees.

The commitment the Community Council members will need to make is significant, with bi-monthly conference calls and at least two physical meetings per season. The only pre requisite is that the members are UK passport holders and reside in the UK.

The Community Council election timeline is as follows:

• Wednesday 25th February ‘09: Nominations open for Community Council

• Sunday 1st March ‘09: Nominations close

• Friday 6th March ‘09: Community Council voting opens on Enemy Down

• Wednesday 11th March ‘09: Community Council voting closes

• Friday 13th March ‘09: Community Council election results announced

To apply to be a Community Council candidate please send an email to To check nominations that have been formally accepted for the position please see

Voting will take place on Voters will each receive three votes to cast for three candidates, a candidate can only be voted for once by a voter.

Pre voting information and debate

The election of the Community Council representatives is important for the future of UKeSA. Fair and open debate allowing candidates to present their positions on relevant eSports topics is essential.

In order to facilitate this, the UKeSA has decided to hold a “husting” to give candidates opportunity to express their views on a community defined list of topics, both online and in a live environment.

The husting timeline will be:

• Candidate questions generated: Thursday 26th February ‘09

o The eSports community will be invited to put their questions, issues and concerns to the candidates.

o Editorial staff will summarise the comments raised into five questions.

o This will be held on

• Nominations close: Sunday 1st March ‘09

o Candidates will be emailed the consolidated list of questions from the comments on Cadred.

• Candidate responses posted: Monday 2nd March ‘09

o Formal candidate responses will be posted on

• VoIP debate: Tuesday 3rd March ’09 (20:00 hrs)

o The candidates will be invited to attend an open question and answer debate around their responses on a “Voice over IP service”.

o Debate will be hosted by Mike “SmellyMoss” Bembenek and Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner.

o The debate will be a hosted audio show on

o During the debate live questions can be asked on IRC channel #ukesa

None of the above husting process is mandatory.

About UKeSA:

The United Kingdom eSports Association (UKeSA) provides an independent framework for Government, Industry and Community eSports interaction within the UK. UKeSA also provides access to and acts as a conduit for regional and international eSports organisations and subsidiary frameworks (pan European eSports Associations and the International eSports Federation IeSF). UKeSA seeks to adhere to a set of globally recognised founding principles of traditional sports by blending eSports with culture, education, and respect for the fundamental ethical principles of professional sporting competitions.

More information about UKeSA can be found at or by emailing

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