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UK retail keen on mobile phone games

Mobile phone game firm Unique Games has received a "unanimously enthusiastic and open-minded" response from retailers to its efforts to introduce mobile phone games to traditional game retail outlets, it claims.

The company, which has launched a range of mobile phone game packs priced from Ã'£4.99 upwards, claims a hugely positive response to its efforts from retailers and believes that game stores are in a strong position to take advantage of the growing market for mobile gaming.

"It's a completely new area but one that is a natural fit to many retailers' customer profiles," according to Unique Games CEO Jon Treanor. "The online market is of course important to everyone, but we see the need to expand the market via retail."

"The summer is obviously a great opportunity for retail to create new margins at a slower time of year for the traditional or static console market," he added.

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