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UK Charts: EA scores again with FIFA

No change at the top this week, as the nation's love of football overrides all else and keeps <i>FIFA World Cup Germany 2006</i> in first position, while <i>Tomb Raider: Legend</i> manages to hang on in second.

No change at the top this week, as the nation's love of football overrides all else and keeps FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 in first position, while Tomb Raider: Legend manages to hang on in second.

FIFA charged into first place last week on the basis of Xbox 360 sales alone, which is quite an achievement in itself. This week, sales are up by 38 per cent, and the game has firmly secured its position atop the individual platform charts on Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2 and GameCube - with a hat-trick looking highly likely.

Ubisoft's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter jumps eight places from eleven to three this week, boosted by the release of a PC version that sits in second place in the full-price PC chart listing, nestled in just behind NCSoft's Guild Wars Factions.

EA's The Godfather creeps back up the charts, shifting two places into fourth, followed by Nintendo's Animal Crossing: Wild World, which loses a place to drop down into fifth.

Nintendo secures its second top ten DS exclusive with the debut of Metroid Prime: Hunters at number six. There's a few ups and downs for Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, FIFA Street 2 and Buzz: The Big Quiz in seventh, eighth and ninth place respectively.

The bottom of the top ten sees another dramatic rise, this time for Eidos as the PS2 release of Championship Manager 2006 pushes the title up ten places to rejoin the rankings at number ten.

As E3 draws ever and the focus on next-gen gaming intensifies, and with scant new releases to look out for, it's extremely likely that EA will score a third week at the top with its latest FIFA title. The remainder of the chart will likely remain balanced, with the odd mover and shaker keeping things in perspective until the latest batch of games arrive in stores.

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