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jOG games controller among the winners of a UK Trade & Investment contest to represent Blighty in Las Vegas.

23 DECEMBER 2009

Humanoid robots, video game controls and wireless products are among the latest wares developed by UK companies showcasing at the largest international electronics show in Las Vegas next month.

Thanks to a UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) competition that looked at new innovation, nine companies have been selected to represent the UK at Consumer Electronics Show’s (CES) Unveiled, the official pre-event preview of new technology from around the world. CES runs from 8 10 11 January 2009.

Among the winners is Kablamm Ltd, which developed a user-friendly control system used in humanoid robots at half the price of equivalent systems from Korea and Japan.

Other winners include Sonneteer, Mirics Semiconductor, Imagination Technologies, Kablamm Ltd, ProVision Communications, The Technology Partnership, New Concept Gaming Limited, TheAlloy Ltd and GSM1 Communications Ltd.

With more than four decades of success, CES in Las Vegas is the largest international electronics show connecting the industry and enabling consumer electronics innovation to grow.

UKTI Chief Executive Andrew Cahn said:

"UK companies continue to develop unique, high-quality and internationally celebrated products and in these difficult times its important we help them stand out from the crowd to seek out new business opportunities.

“That’s why UKTI is supporting around 20 companies at CES and introducing a selection of these at CES Unveiled as examples of some of the latest innovation stemming from the UK.”

Imagination Technologies' David Harold said:

"We are delighted UKTI selected Imagination to be one of the many leading technology innovators showcasing unique technology at CES Unveiled. Our products are at the heart of many of today's leading consumer electronic products and it is great to be presenting our latest developments in conjunction with UKTI."

Mirics Semiconductor’s Chet Bable said:

“Mirics is extremely pleased to be one of the winner’s of UKTI’s CES ‘feature company’ competition. As a fast growing high-tech British company, we greatly value the networking opportunities and logistical support UKTI can provide at major international events such as CES.”

ProVision Communications’ David Smee said:

“We are at CES to launch our new wireless product for delivering HD video around the home, so we are delighted by this endorsement of our innovative technology. The Unveiled event will provide a perfect springboard for our launch.”

As part of CES, UKTI is hosting a Design & Innovation partnering event on 9 January for UK and international companies to explore how leading technology from the UK can support companies locally and globally. The partnering event will provide delegates with an opportunity to meet around 20 UK companies and view through an online ‘match-making’ facility.

For more information on UKTI’s presence at CES contact +44 207 215 4823 or to register for the partnering event, visit



Sonneteer: Launches the Morpheus music centre, which plays music from hard-drives, on-demand and live internet radio or music on portable memory, in premium quality.

Mirics Semiconductor: FlexiTVTM uses the existing system resources of processor-based CE products and implements broadcast demodulation in software not hardware, thereby delivering the most cost-effective global standards receiver solution.

Imagination Technologies: Creates and licenses market-leading embedded graphics, video, display and multi-threaded processors and multi-standard receiver and connectivity technologies. Its technologies are at the heart of many of today’s leading consumer products.

Kablamm Ltd: The MechRC entertainment robot utilises Kablamm’s proprietary control system that not only delivers a humanoid robot at half the price of equivalent systems from Korea and Japan, but is also the most user friendly.

ProVision Communications: Offers Pay TV operators simple, self-install wireless products for higher revenue HDTV services. Its products distribute HD programming to other HDTVs, PCs or mobile devices throughout the home.

The Technology Partnership: Develops portable and mobile digital broadcast receiver products and technologies and is a solutions provider in the dynamic market for digital broadcast TV, radio and multimedia entertainment services.

New Concept Gaming Limited: Video game peripheral ‘jOG’ adds a fun, immersive control mechanic to existing consoles and games, the player benefitting from gentle aerobic exercise – to move your character, you have to JOG!

TheAlloy Ltd: Couple-IT and the 01 Phone demonstrate the power of user focused innovation. Both concept devices have been created to provide an enhanced user experience that delights users, builds brands and increases network revenue.

GSM1 Communications Ltd: Based on a revolutionary GSM mobile technology which transparently re-routes wireless calls over a new type of global GSM network, bypassing the usual roaming obstacles at a vastly reduced cost.

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For more information please contact Natasha Guerinoni from UK Trade & Investment on

020 7215 4218 or email

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