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Freedom Force To Come With Bonus DVD

UK and Scandinavian gamers can expect a whole lot more Freedom this April, when Digital Jesters and Focus Home Interactive unveil an exclusive package containing a bonus DVD. This special edition of Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich will be available to all of the territory's gamers, as the bonus DVD will come as standard - and at no extra cost - with every copy of the game.

The DVD has been compiled by Digital Jesters and will feature additional characters, and specially crafted movies, with full sub-titles in French, German, Italian and Spanish. Players will also be treated to a stack of behind-the-scenes interviews; films and artwork, which will offer an insight into the development of this hugely anticipated comic book strategy game.

"We wanted to put together something very special for Freedom Force fans," says Leo Zullo, Marketing Director, Digital Jesters. "Whilst the UK and Scandinavian release will come a few weeks after the game's US launch, we're confident the slight delay will be worth it - as the DVD will feature content unavailable anywhere else, and for no extra cost."

The full contents of the bonus DVD are as follows:-

  • 'The Story of Freedom Force' film
  • 'How To Make A Superhero' film
  • Three bonus characters
  • Hero artwork
  • Freedom Force trailer
  • Six 'Origin' movies
  • Gamer TV preview
  • Special message from Minuteman

Freedom Force Vs The Third Reich is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Freedom Force, developed by Irrational Games. A fast-paced tactical role-playing game, its brilliant mix of strategy, action and superb humour has already propelled it to the top of many gamers' most wanted lists. More information can be found at the game's official European Website .

Freedom Force Vs The Third Reich will be published throughout Europe by Digital Jesters & Focus Interactive from April 15th 2005, priced £29.99 / 39.99.

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