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UFO: Extraterrestrials Is Gold!

One of the most anticipated sci-fi strategy title of the year has gone gold!

For Immediate Release

Upton, MA, April 18th, 2007 - Tri Synergy ( is proud to announce that their highly anticipated sci-fi strategy title, UFO: Extraterrestrials, has gone gold! UFO: Extraterrestrials combines fast-paced real time action on the strategic level with intense turn-based tactical battles.

To celebrate the arrival of the Gold-Master build of UFO: Extraterrestrials, Tri Synergy is releasing a sneak peek at the opening cinematic trailer in addition to a new bundle of screenshots, with more gameplay footage and screens to follow!

UFO: Extraterrestrials has been one of the most anticipated strategy games of the year. Here's what the critics have been saying about UFO: Extraterrestrials:

"X-COM Fans Rejoice! If you are a fan of the original series you won't be disappointed." -

"strategic elements are particularly well constructed - numerous attachments can be made to the bases, such as new laboratories, hangars, autopsy rooms, and even base defense muddles. Likewise, research and manufacturing is every bit as impressive as they were in the original X-COM, allowing players to produce their own weaponry and gear." -

Set on the distant planet Esperanza in 2025, the player is thrust into the tough position of leading the defense of this isolated planet against a never-ending assault of hostile alien invaders. UFO: Extraterrestrials will please tactical and strategy fans alike all while including an immersive sci-fi setting. When waging war against the enemy on the ground, advanced artificial intelligence will challenge the player's tactical mettle while fully destructible environments will grant unprecedented free form of gameplay. There's no one correct way to approach any tactical situation! Take all this and couple it with weapon and technology advancement at the player's home base that allow for new and improved weapons, armor, vehicles and more to be developed, and UFO: Extraterrestrials will provide gamers with addicting gameplay that always leaves them coming back for more!

This real time strategy/turn-based tactical blend will be available May 1st for digital download from Matrix Games (, with a retail store release during the second week of May. Get more information on UFO: Extraterrestrials from Tri Synergy or the official game page at


Founded in 1996 in Dallas, Texas, Tri Synergy is a computer and video game co-publishing company offering software developers an indispensable alternative to traditional affiliate label and licensing programs. Tri Synergy actively encourages the creative process by relieving the developer of the time constraints inherent in managing the business factions of publishing a successful software title. Credited to their name are critically acclaimed titles like UFO: Aftershock, Origin of the Species, and UFO: Extraterrestrials.

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