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UFO: Aftershock Coming from Tri Synergy & Cenega

For Immediate Release

Dallas, TX Oct 27th, 2005 - Tri Synergy ( and Cenega Publishing ( announced today that they will be working together to bring UFO: Aftershock, the sequel to UFO: Aftermath, to North American retailers. Featuring a vastly improved tactical and RPG design and a wide variety of new features. UFO: Aftershock highly enhances your gaming experiences in every way. Fans of UFO: Aftermath will not be disappointed.

Humanity abandoned Earth after a disaster that left her uninhabitable. Now, fifty years later the survivors of the aftermath find themselves fleeing once again. This time their sites are set on reclaiming their planet. The refugees find that their planet is now in the grasp of an unknown force and that reclaiming mother Earth is going to be a struggle of epic scale.

UFO: Aftershock places you in control of multiple squads of soldiers, each with unique abilities and attributes. Grow your soldiers as they gain experience, teaching them a variety of skills with weapons and field specializations. Equip them with a huge variety of weapons and ammunition to help reclaim Earth. Use the base management section to control production of new technology and equipment as well as managing diplomatic relations with other factions. Can cyborgs, humans, and psions live in peace? Or will war tear them apart once more.

For more information on UFO: Aftershock visit the Tri Synergy website at or the UFO: Aftershock website at

About Tri Synergy, Inc.

Founded in Dallas, TX in 1996, Tri Synergy is an independent computer software and video game publisher and distributor offering developers a more profitable alternative to traditional affiliate label and licensing deals. Contact Shane Nestler for additional info:


CENEGA PUBLISHING s.r.o., as an established world publisher is dedicated to sourcing quality games for PC and console formats with a focus towards Central European developers.

CENEGA PUBLISHING, based in Prague in the Czech Republic, was founded in April 2002.

In May 2005 1C, the largest distributor, publisher and developer of software and interactive products in Russia, CIS and the Baltic states, acquired 100 percent of Cenega Distribution Group and CENEGA PUBLISHING. The combined portfolio of 1C and Cenega will reach an impressive amount of over 60 titles in development for the PC and for consoles to be released in 2005-2006.

For more information about CENEGA PUBLISHING and its products visit

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