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"Unique suite of digital tonics" for iPhone, PC and other gadgets that promise to "remix your brain" using binaural beats.

September 15, 2010 – The game publisher, Digital Reality, today announced the release of Ubrain, a unique suite of digital tonics for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, PC, Android and Samsung Bada. Coming soon to Mac and PSP as well, these tonics function as an audio mood mixer, combining the listener’s own music with binuarual beat technology that helps boost energy, enhance focus, or simply change moods. Priced at £2.99 and now available in the App Store, Ubrain includes 32 different “tonics” that interact with any music to achieve a desired state of mind.

The Ubrain digital tonics deliver a selected benefit as users listen to their favourite tunes for sessions as short as eight minutes to prepare for activities such as studying, sleeping, meditating, brainstorming, or socializing. The app includes sequences geared to promote calmness (Relax, Omm, Siesta); mental focus (Think, Beam, Driven), creativity (Dream on, Fish Tank); and focus (40 Winks, Wake up, Booster).

After users complete a series of short ‘fill in the blank’ questions, UBrain helps listeners determine which digital tonic will provide the desired result for that specific session. Playing as background to the users selected music, the app’s binaural beats are low frequency sound waves that stimulate different parts of the brain to promote the selected effect.

First studied in 1839, binaural beats broadcast two different frequencies, one in each ear, resulting in a median third beat. This third beat becomes an attraction to the brain and encourages cerebral activity. This stimulus promotes temporary benefits, such as increased focus, energy, and relaxation.

With the support of experienced scientists, Digital Reality developed Ubrain, an app that blends these binaural beats with any music soundtrack to create digital tonics that soothe the savage brain.

“Ubrain is designed both to innovate and refine what is currently available in hardware and software for brain entrainment. Our unique technology allows for personalization to the user’s vocal pitch, so that Ubrain beats will adapt to your own voice for a better experience. Ubrain was designed to be ergonomic and fun, making better use of your brain, time and energy. By asking your current situation with the statement “I Am...” and what you are feeling with “I Feel...”, Ubrain helps you achieve what you “Want” your mood to be. Finally, playing Ubrain beats behind your own music gives you the chance to listen to your music differently, and have a personal experience that you can share with the Ubraintonic community,” says Risa Cohen, Producer, Ubrain.

“We all know that music affects your mood,” said Paul van Dyk, the globally acclaimed Grammy nominated DJ and audio architect, after trying Ubrain. “Binaural beats can boost these effects and increase your energy level, help to focus, or calm you down to relax, and I experienced this firsthand while using Ubrain.”

For more information on Ubrain and digital tonics, visit www.ubraintonic.com.

About Digital Reality:

Digital Reality is a game service company that combines original gameplay and creative freedom from studios by maintaining long-term online relationship with its customers. With a secure base of private funding, Digital Reality is publishing games across all platforms, from downloadable console titles, to browser-based and mobile games.

Originally founded under the name of Amnesty Design in 1991, Digital Reality has 20 years of experience in game development. The company’s first game, Reunion, was released on Amiga and PC in1991, and in 1994, the company began work on the Imperium Galactica series. The company’s other popular published games include Haegemonia: Legions of Iron, Platoon, and Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps. For more information, visit www.digitalreality.eu.

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