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Ubisoft shuts down Shadowbane creators Wolfpack - reports

Online reports today are indicating that Austin, Texas based studio Wolfpack has shut its doors, with the full staff of around 25 being told today that their jobs are being terminated - although no official statement on the closure has yet been forthcoming.

The development studio was responsible for massively multiplayer title Shadowbane, which was published by Ubisoft, with the French publisher acquiring the studio outright almost exactly two years ago.

News of the closure of the studio comes in the wake of the announcement only a matter of days ago that Shadowbane is to drop its subscription fee; at the time it was speculated that it might move over to an online advertising supported revenue model, but this new twist suggests that the fee is simply being withdrawn because the game will no longer be supported by Ubisoft.

Rumours of the closure were given impetus earlier today when the firm's community manager posted a confirmation of the reports on the community forums for the game and on his personal blog, but neither Wolfpack nor Ubisoft has commented on the situation as yet.

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