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Ubisoft and DemonWare Unveil Next Generation Multiplayer for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent™

Dublin, 20th October 2006. One of the most anticipated titles of 2006, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent is using DemonWare to deliver unprecedented multiplayer action to gamers worldwide. DemonWare, the leading network software company in the computer games industry, will power the online features in the award-winning franchise on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Games for Windows platforms.

"With a reputation for groundbreaking multiplayer gameplay in the Splinter Cell series, we needed the best network technology to match", said Arnaud Carrette, Ubisoft Producer for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent. "Using DemonWare allowed us to focus on delivering the best online experience yet for Sam Fisher fans", he added.

"Splinter Cell set new standards for multiplayer in the past so the challenge was to deliver a groundbreaking experience for fans and newcomers to the franchise alike", said Dylan Collins, DemonWare CEO, "I think Double Agent is going to set a new benchmark for multiplayer gaming when it's released".

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent will be in-stores on October 19th for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system and the 26th of October for Games for Windows.

About DemonWare

DemonWare is the leading network software company in the games industry today providing multiplayer technology to studios and publishers, including, Activision, Atari, Codemasters, Sega, THQ and Ubisoft. As a tried and tested network middleware product, it allows developers to reduce development time and risk while focusing on their gameplay. Interested developers should go to DemonWare provides a complete range of network tools for studios and publishers working on multiplayer titles. The company recently announced its Lobby Advertising product.

About Ubisoft

Ubisoft is a leading producer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products worldwide and has grown considerably through its strong and diversified lineup of products and partnerships. Ubisoft has offices in 21 countries and sales in more than 50 countries around the globe. It is committed to delivering high-quality, cutting-edge video game titles to consumers. Ubisoft generated revenue of 547 million Euros for the 2005-2006 fiscal year. To learn more, please visit

About Tom Clancy

With more than 80 million books sold, Tom Clancy is arguably the world's most recognized author. His works include fiction such as The Hunt for Red October, Clear and Present Danger, The Sum of All Fears, Rainbow Six, Without Remorse and The Teeth of the Tiger. Clancy also writes nonfiction works about weapons and various military units. Four of his books have already been adapted into highly successful feature films.

About Xbox and Xbox 360

Microsoft revolutionized the gaming industry with the November 2001 launch of Xbox (, its first-generation video game and entertainment system, now sold in 26 countries. Microsoft introduced its next-generation system, Xbox 360, in the 2005 holiday season in Europe, Japan and North America, and launched the system in Australia, Colombia, Hong Kong, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan in 2006. Xbox 360 ( is the most powerful video game and entertainment system, delivering the best games, the next generation of the premier Xbox Live online gaming service, and unique digital entertainment experiences that revolve around gamers.

About Games for Windows

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system in the world for games, delivering the widest range of titles, the most gaming hardware choices, and advanced gaming technology for players of all types. With Windows as the cornerstone, the Games for Windows platform offers publishers and gamers the most enjoyable and innovative gaming experiences available on a PC. More information can be found online at

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