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Biart's squad-based shooter to be shown off at Game Connection Lyon.

For Immediate Release

Biart Studio LTD

October 16, 2008

Since 5 to 7 November 2008 during the annual B2B event GC Lyon "Biart Studio" will present its project - U-WARS.

"Biart Studio" company informs about U-WARS project demo during Game Connection exhibition (Lyon).

The nearest future is already come. The local conflicts in the East are ablaze more and more and grow faster achieving their peak. Rebels and insurgents use direct support of all kinds of terrorists; get enormous money and the newest armament from their "brothers in arms". In a desperate attempt to retain equilibrium in this region NATO countries enter into new war. This time their aim is the terrorist organization, the largest in the world one. A player will lead "Navy Seals" platoon - an elite subdivision of USA army. The squad of trained fighters will enter into a battle on the land and under the water, resolutely suppressing an activity of the terrorists and gangsters.

The perfect squad based shooter combines fierce exchange of fire on the coast and bloody underwater war. The player will combine his actions, hiding in the sea when necessary and causing rapid attacks from under the water. The graphics were created with DirectX . 10 support; NVIDIA PhysX technology was used in the game, allowing guaranteeing a natural behavior. U-WARS is the first shooter, that realized truly exciting and realistic underwater battles. Locations filled with destroyable objects, enemies act consistently and decisively. The latest military equipment will be at player's disposal. Modern and futuristic regimentals, wide selection of unique weapons, jetpacks and even submarines - any means are good in the combat with the global threat! We provided a variety of online game modes for the fans of the multiplayer battles.

Official website of U-WARS game - Official website on the NZONE portal -

At the moment demo-version of the game is available for publishers.

Key features:

- First action game for PC/Xbox 360/PSP with realistic underwater combat

- Next generation graphics using DirectX 10

- Physics using NVIDIA PhysX technology, with GPU acceleration on the PC platform

- Highly destructible environments

- Immersive storyline with expressive characters

- Huge choice of tactical equipment, weapon, vehicles including jetpack suits and submarines!

- Variety of multiplayer modes via XBOX Live!

About "Biart Studio" company:

"Biart Studio" is founded in 2002 as an association of software and video games developers. "Biart" is a licensed developer for Xbox360, PS3, PSP and Wii, and is also involved in technological programs of NVIDIA and Intel. One can select two directions of priorities in company activity: development of high-tech games and "serious games" - professional educational products. "Biart Studio" co-operates with the government of Russian Federation in "serious games" development. "Biart Studio" company is a resident of Russian "Silicon Valley" - exclusive economic zone Dubna. In 2008 "Biart Studio" became a member of "Delovaya Rossiya" party and the authorities of company entered into the Expert Council for Technology and Innovation at the State Duma of Russian Federation.



Contact person: Arina Akhmatova

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