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txtNation affiliate scheme

5% bonus programme now up and running.

The market's leading mobile solutions provider txtNation are extremely proud to announce that their new affiliate program is now up and running.

txtNation openly invites their clients to encourage not only friends but business colleagues or acquaintances to join txtNation’s ever expanding mobile solutions enabling the client to further increase their profits. One of the best things about this new scheme is that anyone needing a mobile billing solution, amongst many other unique solutions, can become a client of txtNation who then in turn can refer others and make the most of this exciting new scheme themselves, making this above all a win-win situation for everyone.

This new affiliate scheme has been provided to give existing clients an amazing incentive to persuade people they know who could also benefit from txtNation’s solutions which could drastically increase revenue, to engage txtNation's unique services and as a reward for their referral and loyalty and belief in txtNation’s services they will receive a bonus of 5% of whatever revenue their referred accounts generate. To show their commitment to their client's this 5% comes from txtNation themselves not from the newly referred clients. The new clients will keep 100% of their usual revenue in addition to their own revenue generated through the use of txtNation’s services.

txtNation have provided many ways for their existing client's to invite friends, business colleagues or acquaintances to join and begin reaping the extensive benefits that txtNation has to offer and to do this existing client's will need to be logged into the control panel. Once logged in, the affiliate menu with a list of ways to invite people will be clearly marked, making this an easy painless way of potentially generating extra revenue, for example; simply enter the e-mail addresses of those who are being referred and txtNation will generate an email that will then be sent out to their referral providing them with instructions on how easy it is to sign-up with txtNation and how txtNation can launch their business awareness tenfold and how they can soon also be enjoying the benefits of this scheme also. Banners can be placed on web pages with links back to the affiliate sign-up form, text based links and non-electronic means, such as sending out letters and business cards along with the clients’ unique referral code are all examples of available methods of referral, so the only question left to ask is 'what are you waiting for?'

For example txtNation’s mPUSH brand delivers content straight to the paying customers mobiles, whereas the mFUSION brand runs mobile campaigns such as competitions, voting, alerts, reverse auctions, bulk messaging, VCards to name but a few, the mBILL platform aggregates connections through one API to allow clients to build their own mobile services and then there is the mENABLE platform providing a very powerful billing solution for online websites. All of these solutions run on premium shortcodes which available in over 45 countries worldwide, the latest of which to go live was China which has produced astronomical results.


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