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Two Worlds – SouthPeak Games' Stunning Xbox 360 and Games for Windows Role-Playing Adventure – Heads To the UK

Already Making Waves In The States; SouthPeak Games Confirms European Release Date, Amazing New Massively Multiplayer Mode Details Announced

Friday 2nd February/... Publisher SouthPeak Games has confirmed the UK release date for Two Worlds, its epic role-playing extravaganza for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Games for Windows®.

Set to become the pinnacle of its genre, Two Worlds promises to be the most dynamic and complex free-roaming RPG available when it hits the shelves in May 2007.

Two Worlds has been developed in Poland by Reality Pump, previously known for the acclaimed RTS Earth 2140. Ploughing its considerable experience into the mammoth task of constructing an RPG on the scale of Two Worlds, Reality Pump is aiming to significantly raise the bar for both the genre, and similar titles following in its wake.

Using a bespoke graphics engine, Two Worlds tells the tale of an epic clash between Orcs and Humans that steadily unfolds to provide an over-arching story. Players embarking on the grand quest will find a dynamic world that adjusts to their actions, complemented by a career system that allows incredible freedom in character development. A plethora of side quests accompany the main story and there's a staggeringly large array of items and equipment to collect.

This questing and collecting takes place in a vast environment that offers unprecedented levels of dynamic interaction with both the landscape and non-player characters. Players will be able to set traps for foes and wandering beasts, even to the point of triggering avalanches and other small-scale disasters. The flora of Twin World's universe will also be given the dynamic treatment, with trees and plants reacting to the player's actions in a surprisingly realistic manner. Transport around the huge world can be done via teleportation spells or on the backs of a wide variety of creatures, from traditional horses and camels to a range of much more esoteric beasts.

Two Worlds also incorporates a complex fighting system and a radical new method for handling magical spells. Combat is handled in step-time, with the player selecting attacks and defences that are played out with remarkably detailed animations and stunning motion captured moves. Magic is no longer a set of static, progressively more powerful spells. Instead, Two Worlds' magic system is based around components in the form of cards. In simple terms, a card for an element and a card for an effect are combined to produce a spell - Ice and a range of damage, for example. Two World's spells are never fixed, so the player can add new cards to enhance pre-existing spells at any time.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Two Worlds is its multiplayer mode. Rather than taking a traditional tack, Reality Pump has crafted a fully-fledged MMORPG mode complete with unique quests, an arena for 1-on-1 PVP battles, multiplayer horse races and completely customisable player characters with no level capping. Distinct and separate from Two World's single player adventure, this new multiplayer mode will be entirely charge-free for its users and further details are due to be announced shortly.

Taken as a complete package, Two Worlds will provide the most cutting-edge RPG experience Xbox 360 and PC owners can buy.

Melanie Mroz, Executive Vice President, SouthPeak Games says: "Two Worlds is an astounding achievement for both Reality Pump and SouthPeak Games. RPG gamers won't be able to find a more involving or expansive experience to satiate their digital wanderlust. I'm confident that Two Worlds is set to take its place in the RPG hall of fame when it hits the shelves in May."

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