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Two Worlds: Look out behind you!

One of the Most Anticipated Action RPG Titles of the Year Unveils Innovative "Sneak Mode"


Las Vegas, Nevada - March 16, 2007 - Two Worlds has some of the most epic and fluid melee combat to hit the action RPG genre to date, but that's not the only tool you'll be using to smite your enemies! The new "Sneak Mode" offers the player a chance to get up close and personal with adversaries before deciding their fate. Surgical accuracy with a blade gives "one hit kills" a whole new meaning. Not feeling bloodthirsty at the moment? How about picking a pocket for some useful wares? Not only will sneaking help you with your interpersonal relationships, but Guards and Watchtowers will have a hard time keeping track of your stealthy moves as you slip through the gates.

To keep you well apprised of your sneaky status, there's even a visual indicator above your target's head. A green eye, half closed will appear - if you're in danger of being seen the eye will open a bit and turn from green, to yellow, to orange and bright red if you're seen. Sneaking is an active skill that you'll upgrade in game; therefore your success rate is directly proportionate to your skill level. Not only that, but common sense should play a role as well. In the depths of a swamp at 3am by the light of the moon and the tendrils of a damp fog swirling about, your odds for success are going to be pretty good. However, if you're out in the town square at noon doing your slithering act - someone will probably notice that weird guy creeping around. Be smart about it and you'll be able to pull off some impressive maneuvers.

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