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Two Out Rally, Baseball MMORPG

Fourth season begins.

Two Out Rally announced today that season 4 of the popular, web-based baseball MMORPG will begin Friday, February 18. The beginning of season 4 will coincide with the availability of higher levels of challenge and an increase in available teams for ownership. With almost 2,000 games played every day, and daily improvements and feature additions, season 4 will be the most competitive and exciting season so far.

Season 3 saw a number of changes, including an improved player training system that gives randomized bonuses for training and leveling up players and the most comprehensive and easy to navigate player creation system so far. In addition, season 3 saw a full redesign of the Two Out Rally website. Such changes as a system for allowing players to write articles for The Scoop, the fictional league newspaper, allow everyone to be involved in story creation and add atmosphere and depth to the teams and players of the World Baseball League. Two Out Rally is a free to play baseball MMORPG. To reserve players or teams for Season 4, visit


Contact: Stephanie Benn


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