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TV Studio Boss

Social game giving you control of your own telly studio.

·         The latest creation of ‘IZ’ challenges players to manage their own TV Channel and fight for the audiences.

·         ZED is participating in FICOD too with tournaments, workshops and conferences about social network and videogames.

Madrid, 18th November 2010. Zed, a Spanish global cross platform publisher of digital content & entertainment for digital networks, has launched in FICOD (International Meeting of Digital Contents) ‘TV Studio Boss’, a social game based on the Television´s world. This new videogame is the latest creation of ‘IZ’, the brand under ZED develops and sales its titles for social network worldwide.

This new creation consist on a new game designed especially for social network where players have to create their own TV studio and manage their TV listings. Each user will start with a little space, with the goal to expand it until to reach the biggest studio with different sets. During the game players will have to control the staff, the schedule, and to manage offers and sales of a different TV spot, looking for more audience to the channel. Definitely, a game with high quality graphics and big news in the design, and offers new commercial opportunities for other brands.

During the event, Ignacio Perez Dolset, co- President and Chief Product & Innovation Officer of ZED, has detailed in depth the company's strategy referred to the production of social games because “there is a potential market with a millions of players over the world who rate the graphic quality and the high gameplay of these games”.

To reach this potential market the company has created, under the brand ‘IZ’, the biggest social games studio in Europe, with more than 300 professionals focused on developing, marketing and selling social games, with the goal of revolutionize the sector with the last generation of this kind of games. The new business unit uses the high graphic quality from Planet 51, the heritage development from Pyro Studios (creators of Commandos) and the experience in mobile devices and Internet from ZED.

The first’s productions under the new trademark

At the moment, ‘IZ’ has already presented ‘Ingenius’ , which has exceeded in a few weeks the 500.000 players on Facebook, from USA, Russia, Philippines, Indonesia, Argentina and the United Kingdom. This title, which analyze memory, perception, calculation and logic, allow users to share their results with other friends while discover who have the more brilliant mind with Ingenius Level.

The second videogame is Sports City , a manager for social networks where the players compete with their friends for being the best sport manager. In its first week has reached 200.000 users over the world, who have to control their clubs, through new types of sports and playing fields (pitches and stadiums), and by strategic decisions like expand or add new facilities to the club.

The latest creation from this new trademark is TV Studio Boss.


Moreover the event of TV Studio Boss's launching, Zed develops a intense participation at this international meeting with several activities. The company is in FICOD teaching about how to create a social game, in a workshop leaded by Luis Fernando Fernandez, Head of Development from Pyro Studios (ZED Group), and organizes open tournaments of Ingenius and Sports City, the latest games of the international company.

About iZ

iZ is the brand which Zed release to the market its social games department for all social media. Loyal to its social concept of videogames, has concentrated all the artistic quality and creative talent from the creator of Planet 51 (distributed in 170 countries) in the development, next to the technological ability in internet and the leadership in the Zed cell mobile contains area and all the Pyro games experience (commandos series creator, top seller in 25 countries). The products created by iZ suppose a pioneering vision in social games, and a step ahead in the Zed´s definition: to be a global leader in the creation, distribution and marketing of digital entertainment contents multiplatform.

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Zed Press Office

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