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Turbine working on console MMO "products"

Lord of the Rings Online developer in talks with platform holders and expects to announce titles early next year

Turbine has revealed it is at work with hardware manufacturers on console MMO products, that it will will announce early next year.

Lord of the Rings Online development boss, Jeff Steefel, told Videogaming247 the developer was currently working with the platform holders to deliver console MMOs but was still at a very early stage in the process.

"We're really not talking about what our console product plans are, but we will be soon," he said when asked if there is going to be a console version of Lord of the Rings Online.

"I would guess by early next year we'll be able to be much more specific about what we're doing with console, what kind of products we're putting on console."

"What we're doing now is the early development work and the work with the hardware manufacturers to understand where they're heading in the online space, where the connectivity between the console and internet is really headed," he added.

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