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First-person action MMORPG looking to release an alpha version in January.

November 16th 2010

TumbleStone is an independent video game which immerses the player into a strong first-person action multiplayer RPG gameplay and universe. Developed by FireWhirl Entertainment, the game proposes to exploit the 3.5D engine created by the studio based on an unrivalled destruction. The game is an invitation to destroy, craft and build! You will find here the very first details of the game whose alpha version will be available on January.

TumbleStone, the game

TumbleStone is a First Person Multiplayer Action video game in an heroic fantastic universe where magic is everywhere. The gameplay features full destruction of the environment which promises unique matches.

Precisely, at the start of the game, the player chooses a hero among others with different spells and passive skills which is the key to a richer gameplay and to develop many tactics. Next, the player chooses a map on the mythological planet of Tryon which proposes different primary and secondary objectives. Each match can be multiplayer (PVPVE). At the start of the map, the hero is level 0. Then, during the game, the player kills enemies to collect TumbleStones and gain levels. Each time the hero gains a level, it can learn a new spell or improve another one in order to intensify the epic battles waiting for you. The action is orchestrated by an original music composed for the game.

TumbleStone is registered to the 13 th IGF – Link to IGF here (click here).

TumbleStone Alpha available on January

TumbleSone will be a vailable as digital distribution in alpha version for each preorder of the game on the official website: . The preorder will be available for $10 which allows you to play the Alpha version of the game in constant evolution. Update after update, until the official final version of the game, the player will witness the evolution of the gameplay, the storyline and the universe.


FireWhirl is an independent studio born from a strong passion for video gaming and developing. The studio is based in the United States. 5 members faced their dreams and gathered their knowledge to start creating a first-person shooter video game with their own engine.

You can follow the team’s diary on the dev’s blog where you will find the studio’s and more specifically the TumbleStone’s news.

Try TumbleStone now  

We propose to each journalist to download a pre-Alpha version of TumbleStone now. This version is not the Alpha version which will be available on January with the preorder of the game but it lets you play the main features of the gameplay. Please, find the link in the email sent and the login / password you can use to download the TumbleStone pre-Alpha.  

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