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TT working on new Lego titles already?

Jon Burton also reveals his plans to work on a "kids' TV show"

Traveller's Tales president Jon Burton has revealed that the developer is already working on new Lego titles using IP from its parent company, Warner Bros.

The UK-based studio has already been extremely successful producing Star Wars, Batman and Indiana Jones titles using the Lego license - games which have given a new lease of life to the toy brick company.

But in an interview with Variety, Burton hinted that more were in the pipeline: "We've gotten started doing some Lego games on the Warner IP...down the line," he said.

Additionally he revealed his personal plans to produce a children's television programme, and possibly work on CG or film in the future - projects which he says are only possible thanks to the positive relationship he has with Warner.

"And for me personally, I think further in the future we're making a kids' TV show...using some of the tech we've developed for games," he said. "In the mid-distance, personally, to be able to dabble around in CG and film would be interesting, and Warner allows me to push in those directions without 'quitting the day job,' so to speak.

"So for me, to look to the future and think, 'I wouldn't mind [doing a film]...' And Warner allows me to take a step in that direction, and if I suck? Great, I'll make games."

Traveller's Tales was acquired by Warner Bros late last year in a deal thought to have been worth around USD 200 million.

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