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Tt eSPORTS Global Managers' Summit

First summit concludes with conclusions.

[img] http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4075/5449932044_29739cd562.jpg[/img]

[i]Tt eSPORTS' Headquarters in the Neihu District, Taipei, Taiwan.[/i]

Europe's Tt eSPORTS manager Andrew Christoforu stated:

"The Tt eSPORTS Global Summit was a really positive and educational experience; I felt that all of the newly appointed regional community managers took a lot from the experience.  Firstly, we got a real taste of the Tt eSPORTS "Lifestyle" and "Culture", met some great people who I’m glad I can call colleagues and friends and shared some fantastic ideas to help create something great for eSports on a Global Scale with Tt eSPORTS."

As said by Andrew, throughout the trip, the most was learned about the Tt eSPORTS "Lifestyle". Tt eSPORTS' Director Tony Liu commented, Tt eSPORTS is a young and fresh company, looking to grasp the eSports scene and promote it throughout the world.

You will definitely see Tt eSPORTS popping up more and more throughout the country as we strive to support gaming events both big and small whilst also providing Tt eSPORTS sole events (be it through a company or by ourselves) to give the gaming and tech communities the most benefit and best experiences of their gaming careers.

[img] http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4143/5449320551_a17c322956.jpg[/img]

[i]The Tt Apollo’s StarCraft II ‘battle booth’[/i]

Many thanks goes out to the Tt eSPORTS directors for allowing the community managers to participate in this experience and as stated before, watch out for Tt eSPORTS news to be coming at you we are working hard to produce more tournaments, sponsored teams, events and reviews. There will also be more information released shortly, wrapping up the StarCraft II competition that was run at the Taiwan gaming Show by Tt eSPORTS.

To always keep updated, head to www.ttesports.com and www.facebook.com/TteSPORTS, become a fan today!

[img] http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5299/5450383340_639d451f6c.jpg[/img]

[i][b]Managers from L-R:[/b] Andrew Christoforu (Europe), Eric Brinkley (North America), Tony Liu (Director Global), Chris Smith (Australia/New Zealand), Tatyana Piksaeva (Russia)[/i]

For all the best images of the conference, head to http://www.flickr.com/photos/efbrinkley and remember "Challenge is the Game".  

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