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Trueplayerz industry invite goes out...

Trueplayerz will be celebrating the launch of the Trueplayerz events on Sunday 25th September with guests from across the games industry contributing to the charity event.

There will be a live performance of The Alps, featuring Capcom PR guru Sam Brace, fresh from their UK tour, whilst MCV editor Johnny Minkley takes up the guitar to lead his band Gunstar Heroes. Joystick Junkies are putting on a fashion show of the Spring-Summer range including the new girls and vintage ranges. Holding it all together will be the man who make's the stegasaurus hair cut look good, journalist extraordinaire and DJ, Steve Boxer plus we have guests Paul Gordon, UK FIFA Champion and Dee Palmer, Brit star gamer featured on the recent MTV Xbox 360 TV show.

We've got the launch of FIFA 2006 and Burnout Revenge, previews of Battlefield 2 (Modern Combat) plus The Music Factory channel will be joining us for the first screening and launch of their brand new TV series Game One whilst VH1's Planet Celebrity News will be picking up some interviews with special guests on the day. There's some free drinks thanks to EA so come down and catch up with friends or even take part, we just ask that unless you're press coming to cover the event, you make a £3 donation on the door to the charity fund.

The after party kicks in at 8.30pm (till 1am) on Sunday 25th September but try to come early to take part or watch the finals from 7pm culminating in the awards at 8pm.

London's Marquee Club,

Leicester Square

(where Home used to be and west of the Empire)

It's the beginning of something very special and we hope you can join us or tell all your friends and help make this a great event.

The official website is if you want to find out more info. Otherwise call 0207 486 6641 or email for details of the day.

Big thanks to all everyone at our sponsors UK Online, Electronic Arts, Gamestation,, GamesMaster and TMF Game One for supporting Trueplayerz

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