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Community event to spread viruses in February.

What is Viral Month?

Viral Month is a community event that will run the entire month of February. members will be participating in hosting gaming sessions to pass on Viral achievements to as many other gamers as possible. This event is open to not only the TA community but the entire Xbox gaming community and is designed to give back to the gaming community in a way that we know gamers will love and appreciate... ACHIEVEMENTS!!!

Besides the TA community spreading their diseases, “special” infected will be joining us several times during this event to spread some of their more elusive virals.  Special infected - such as moderators on the EA forums - will be spreading the EA Moderator Achievement in Need for Speed: ProStreet.  Also, some mystery celebs will be joining us in sharing their viral achievements, but these infected will remain a mystery until the start of their specific gaming session. 

Information on gaming sessions can be easily viewed, accessed and signed up for using the following link:  We’ll also be regularly utilizing our team of “newshounds” to report and give a preview of the weekly sessions during this event. 

If you are interested in further information about Viral Month, or would like to be involved, please contact Jessie (gamertag ‘Chad and Jessie’), the Community Event Organizer

About is an ever growing community of achievement aficionados who come to share experiences, tips, meet other gamers, help each other unlock those elusive achievements, and much, much more.  Presently home to a community of over 100,000 registered users, was developed, designed, and programmed in 2008 by Rich Stone, and we are a proud member of the Xbox Community Developer Program.  We are 100% run and staffed by volunteers that all share a passion for gaming and giving back to the gaming community. 

Membership of is free and each member automatically has their achievements added to the site and an adjusted score is calculated based on the percentage of gamers that have unlocked that achievement.  This adjusted score, or TrueAchievement score, is designed to give the rarer and harder to obtain achievements a higher value, which will then be shown off and be bragged about, on your own Friend Feed.  For more information about the site, visit  

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