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Trouble in Tin Town

Battle alongside an axe-wielding Abraham Lincoln in this retro RTS.

LEWISVILLE, TX (Jan, 03, 2011) - Like most game developers, indie game company Jovian Minds just couldn’t stop playing with their toy robots and dinosaurs. So they decided to share the fun by bringing them to life on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Trouble in Tin Town is a turned based strategy inspired by 1950’s children’s wind-up toys. The game was released December 24th, 2010 and is currently available in the Apple App store.

As you progress through the game, you will battle alongside Abraham Lincoln wielding dual axes, mad horror writer Edgar Allan Poe, and more. Help a dinosaur detective solve a heinous murder, brawl with cupcakes in boxing gloves, awaken a giant pyramid eyeball, unlock new characters and even take over the White House.

The game offers three campaigns, each centered on a different toy faction in the wound-up world:

In Lincoln’s Dilemma, Abraham Lincoln must use his diplomacy (and when that fails, his axes) to crack a Tin Town conspiracy. Helping him are the Historicals Ben Franklin, Napoleon, Shakespeare and more. In My Kingdom for a T-Rex, King Kandyheart has lost his lovely cupcake queen-to-be, Sugar Sweet Lips. To bring her back, Kandyheart calls the best hitman in the Kandy Kingdom, Tamale Bandito. In The Cupcakes of Wrath, Finneas T. Rex, distinguished gentleman dinosaur, employs his detective skills to find the murderer of Congo Jimmy’s beloved pet beetle, Ray Ray. Along the way he’ll enlist the aid of the evolutionary miscreants of the Best Forgotten Island. Gameplay contains mild cartoon violence, a smart-mouthed Texan and rambunctious cupcakes.

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The game is available for purchase through the Apple iTunes App Store.  

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