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Tropico 3

All about avatars.

Worms / Bracknell 18th June 2009

Tropico fans from around the world have been eagerly awaiting a sequel to the cult series for years – now their long wait will finally come to an end in September 2009!

Tropico 3 stays true to the heart and soul of the original Tropico. One of the most prominent features of the sequel is your own, freely customizable avatar. This time, you will be able to slip into the clothes of El Presidente, wander about Tropico Island and directly influence your people.

Avatar Features:

• The avatar is a special customizable unit that the player creates and controls.

• Avatars can be male or female

• The player is able to customize the avatar's face, hairstyle, facial hair, hat, clothing, and additional accessories.

• The avatar travels across the island on foot or with his limo.

• The avatar is able to speed up constructions, inspect buildings, address the people from the balcony of his palace, calm down a protest, or go on a diplomatic mission abroad.

• The avatar may also engage in combat and personally shoot down rebels. If he is unlucky enough to be wounded, he can retreat to his palace to recuperate.

For more information, screenshots and the teaser trailer please visit the official game website!

About Kalypso Media

Specialising in the publishing of interactive media – primarily computer games - Kalypso Media was founded in summer 2006 by industry veterans Simon Hellwig and Stefan Marcinek. A year later, the sister company Kalypso Media UK Ltd. was opened in England and is now led by Andrew Johnson and Charlie Barrett, two experienced members of the Kalypso Media Group management team. Kalypso Media also own two development studios, Realmforge Studios GmbH and Gaming Minds Studios GmbH which are located in Germany.

About Haemimont Games

Haemimont Games is an independent games development team brought together by a common passion: to thrill, engage and provoke gamers worldwide. Since 1997, the studio has developed eight original titles with numerous add-ons. It is currently working on "Tropico 3" among others. More information on the company can be found by visiting

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