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Trinigy engine moves to include mobile SDK

'Vision on the Go' to include iOS, tablet support

Middleware firm Trinigy is to extend its Vision engine to include mobile support.

Vision already supports a wide variety of PC, console and browser platforms, and in an initiative known as 'Vision on the Go' is now planning on incorporating iOS too.

Following this, it will eventually encompass a spread of smartphones, tablets and "another soon-to-be-announced handheld gaming device."

Its WebVision browser engine is also to receive an overhaul.

"We've always believed that technology should enhance, not hinder, creativity in game making, which is why we've built such a modular, cross-platform technology," said Felix Roeken, Trinigy general manager.

"Our mobile strategy is designed to offer developers of browser-based, mobile and handheld games the same performance, the same flexibility – the same limitless freedom – our technology and support provide to PC game and console game developers."

Trinigy has been used in around 150 commercial games to date, from the likes of Ubisoft, 2K, Dreamcatcher, NeoWiz, Spellbound and TimeGate Studios.

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