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Trickster Online Revolution

Tricky new game content released for the MMORPG.

May 2nd, 2008 - Ntreev USA, Inc., located in Irvine, California, announced today that Trickster Online Revolution has just released new content including New Areas, New Gacha Towns, Beginner Area Improvements and much more!

11 Floors Of Sheer Danger, Peril And Adventure! There's No Turning Back Now Tricksters!

With the newest content update and patch for Trickster Online Revolution, a brand new area has been uncovered on Caballa Island! This new area, known as the Chaos Tower, is the single most difficult and challenging addition ever released on any version of Trickster Online Revolution. Consisting of eleven (11) consecutive floors of the most arduous monsters, quests and battles to be found anywhere on the island. This area is not for the faint of heart, and only Tricksters Level 160+ can even gain entrance to this mighty danger-filled dungeon! Even for the Tricksters that do meet the high Level requirement, it will be a difficult, adventurous journey, and Megalo Company has highly recommended to all Tricksters that they attempt this new dungeon in Parties with other Tricksters fighting by their side.

Once a Trickster enters the dungeon and begins to explore its nefarious interior, there is no backing down, no retreating and no going back. Inside the Chaos Tower Tricksters will be able to gain new complete, series of new items which can be upgraded throughout the dungeon itself. In addition, special Monster Quests must also be completed in order to advance to the next consecutive floor within the Chaos Tower.

For more information on this newest release for Trickster Online Revolution, make sure to check out the official website, and don't forget to sign up for the Official Trickster Online Revolution Newsletter!

Chaos Tower Unleashes Epic Challenges And High-Stakes Adventure!

Chaos Beckons - Chaos Ranking Even - Defeat The Towert!

To celebrate the unveiling of this newest area and complete addition to the incredibly deep world of Trickster Online Revolution, a new Event is being held. This new Event, known as Defeat the Tower, is a special Ranking Event which will reward the best of the best of Tricksters who are able to meet and overcome the exceptional challenges found within the Chaos Tower and its challenging Monster Quests from Hunter Yuri. From April 23rd until May 17th, 2008, and split up into 4 weekly heats, Tricksters will compete head to head to get the best rankings in the Monster Quests within the new Dungeon. Every week, the top 10 Tricksters will be rewarded with ultra-exclusive Chaos Boxes, each packed to the brim with special, limited edition items, equipment and gear! There are 4 different Chaos Boxes and they will be rewarded according to the individual rankings of the top 10 Winners.

Tricksters can only win this Event and receive their Chaos Boxes once, and all of the brave and valiant Tricksters who successfully complete the Quests, and Win this Event in any of the 4 heats, will be displayed on the official website!

For more information on this newest Event, as well as the details of the heats, dates, and the Chaos Boxes and their contents, make sure to check out the official website, and don't forget to sign up for the Official Trickster Online Revolution Newsletter!

Chaos Beckons - Defeat The Tower To Become The Best And Receive Exclusive Chaos Boxes!

The Awesome Beginner Area Renovation Continues!

Continuing the ongoing efforts to improve the Trickster Online Revolution experience for all Tricksters, more improvements have been implemented to Caballa Island! These new improvements include more Tutorial Quests that cover the finer points of Refining, Elements, Drilling and even the difference between Character Types!

For more information on these newest and all future improvements as they become available, make sure to check out the official website, and don't forget to sign up for the Official Trickster Online Revolution Newsletter!

Get Into The Newly Improved Revolution!

New Gacha, New MyShop And Other Additions Are Here For You!

With all of the new content and improvements that have come to Caballa Island and the world of Trickster Online Revolution, it should come as no surprise that new items and additions have also come to MyShop, for purchase with Ntreev Cash Points, the new Survival Kit for Chaos Tower has been added to add aid to steadfast Tricksters who wish to challenge the newest and deepest Dungeon in the game's history.

Along with new MyShop items, popular NPC, Time Keeper Pia, has been added as the new resident of Gacha Town 1 - Megalopolis! As Pia is making her debut to Gacha, the special item-drilling-mini-game, exclusive to Trickster Online Revolution, new items and rewards have also been added to Gacha Town 1 - Megalopolis, and several non-rare Gacha items have been reviewed by the hardworking staff of Megalo Company and have been upgraded!

For more information on all the newest additions to MyShop and Gacha, make sure to check out the official website, and don't forget to sign up for the Official Trickster Online Revolution Newsletter!

New Items Come To MyShop! Time Keeper Pia Comes To Gacha!

About Trickster Online Revolution!

Trickster Online is completely free-to-play, MMORPG based on story of a group of adventurers from around the world all vying to become the greatest adventurer of all time and get their hands on the infamous Don Cavalier fortune! Trickster Online Revolution incorporates cute and fun characters based on animals such as bunnies, sheep, raccoons, cats, buffalos, dragons, lions and foxes. The title offers a wide variety of skills and jobs, which can be customized to fit the individual taste and playing style, as well as plenty of quests and stories for hours of gameplay!

Don't wanna fight? That's not a problem with the exclusive Drilling System. You can find hidden items with the Drill of your choice, discover buried items beneath the ground of Caballa Island and gain valuable EXP to improve your character! Forget the old, boring battle system; our gripping card-based system is here! Players can also create a cyber home inside the game, called, My Camp! Show your personality by decorating your My Camp!

Direct Game Download!

About Ntreev USA Inc

Located in Southern California and established in the Fall of 2006, Ntreev USA Inc. is a sister company of Ntreev Soft (known for games such as Trickster, and Pangya). They specialize in online game development and publishing, and is currently working with many partners around the globe to develop and publish new online game content. Trickster Online: Links to Fantasy is the first major release for Ntreev USA Inc. Please visit Ntreev's website for more information at

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