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The demo contains one single-player mission which takes place about half-way through the game.

LOS ANGELES, CA (September 10, 2004) - Vivendi Universal Games announced today that a demo for their upcoming first-person action game Tribes:Vengeance is now available. The demo can be downloaded direct from the company by visiting the download page here. Tribes: Vengeance will ship to retail stores in the United States on October 5th.

The demo contains one single-player mission which takes place about half-way through the game. In it gamers play Daniel, the leader of the Children of the Phoenix. Daniel has come to the Imperial capital in order to gain an audience with the Emperor. The Emperor has granted his request, but first Daniel must successfully complete a traditional combat trial.

More information about Tribes:Vengeance can be found at the official website: .

In Tribes:Vengeance gamers become immersed in a roiling galactic thriller. Throughout the game, the player catches glimpses of myriad interrelated stories that unfold behind-the-scenes and is given the opportunity to experience the full scope of the single-player story through multiple viewpoints and characters. Utilizing the all-new Vengeance Engine powered by UnrealTM technology, the world is brought to life with characters that have facial expressions and fully-realized personalities, vehicles that kick up dust as they pass by, and weapons that display spectacular effects. Tribes: Vengeance will also build upon the Tribes series' legendary online multiplayer action by continuing to focus on team-oriented goals and fluid movement. Particular focus is being given to making Tribes:Vengeance easily accessible to the video game modification (MOD) community. Irrational Games and VU Games have worked together to ensure that Tribes:Vengeance's game modification tools are easily accessible and robust.

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