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Tri Synergy Will Take You Around the World in 80 Days

Jules Verne Inspired Adventure Game Takes Flight.

For Immediate Release

Dallas, TX August 25, 2005 - Tri Synergy ( announced today that they will be working with Frogwares to publish and distribute 80 Days in North America. 80 Days is a graphic adventure for the PC based on the timeless classic by Jules Verne and will be available in October of 2005.

In 80 Days Frogwares has forever altered how graphic adventures will be designed and played by taking full advantage of modern technology by moving the traditional 2D setting of graphic adventures into a much more vibrant 3D world. The immersive qualities of the 3D world of 80 Days is accomplished by allowing players to explore every inch of each location, converse with anyone they choose, and provides them with real-world physics placing them in a world where they will experience day/night cycles and dynamic weather effects.

When Oliver Lavisheart's eccentric Uncle makes an eccentric bet it will be up to his down to earth nephew to keep him on course. A once in a life time opportunity to travel the world, even on a life altering bet, is not something to be passed up!

As Oliver, to win the bet you must travel the world in 80 Days or less to collect proof that your wacky uncle has created 4 major inventions. The 4 inventions are scattered in 4 of the most exotic locations around the world including the deserts of Egypt, the jungles and mountains of India, the ancient domains of Japan, and through the mostly untamed lands of America's west. Fail to get the proof of your uncle's inventions from these locations and his reputation and both of your finances will be ruined!

On this trip you will gain not just knowledge about the world, you will gain even more knowledge about your uncle's fantastic talents, adventurous life, and closely guarded secrets. You may also learn a lot about yourself, the truth about your family, and the true nature of this incredible bet.

As you travel the world you will...

  • Help a strange German Archeologist.
  • Rescue a distressed - not overly bright actress from Bollywood.
  • Win an elephant race.
  • Pilot the biggest airship ever.
  • Turn a Scottish tartan into the coolest street wear worldwide.
  • Fool a Shogun's samurai.
  • Avoid the traps of Inspector Fix's nasty son.
  • Disguise, bribe, steal...You know, the usual.

About Tri Synergy, Inc.

Founded in Dallas, TX in 1996, Tri Synergy is an independent computer software and video game publisher and distributor offering developers a more profitable alternative to traditional affiliate label and licensing deals. Contact Shane Nestler for additional info:

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