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Treasure Map

Lite version dug up.

Treasure Map reminds you of a kind adventure game from childhood. What makes it different is that now the main character, our friendly Tuber, is gathering as many gold coins as he can in a colorful well-rendered 3D maze.

One fine day Tuber finds an ancient map of treasures just like in a pirate story and heads out to find the treasures right away! Who wouldn’t do the same?

Your aim is to guide Tuber through obstacles and to pick up all the golden coins on the level and to find the main treasure on the hidden Halloween Island. Don’t forget to refill your oxygen tank! You are deep under water!

It’s better not to come across most of the underwater creatures. At the same time there are friends among the underwater animals too who can be your only hope to avoid a trap. Watch out and be quick! You can be carried away by a water stream in the opposite direction or fall into a swamp. You should find your own way through, jumping on sliding barrels, escaping from sharks and other sea creatures. There might be several alternative ways to pass the same level and the further you go, the more creative your solutions should be.

You should also pick up handy objects, like an underwater camera that makes dangerous creatures blind for a while and a magic book that saves your results. There is also a set of original power-ups that give you unique and extremely useful abilities. You won't find any aggression in this game. The only weapon you need in this game is your sharp mind!

Will you find the main treasure on the Halloween Island? Try Free Demo of Treasure Map at http://www.tubergame.com/treasure-map/. Good luck!

For any questions concerning cooperation on the game please contact Marketing Director, Oksana Willeke: oksana@tubergame.com.

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