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Trapped Dead

A.I. and sensor system for Headup's tactical zombie survival game.

Dueren, 21 st October 2010 – Headup Games is pleased to present today a little bit of background information in regards to the unique A.I. and the sensor system featured in their upcoming release of Trapped Dead – the first tactical zombie survival game!

In Trapped Dead players face masses of flesh-eating and merciless zombies. Attached you will find 2 new panorama screenshots.

On the left, one can see the game as perceived by the player.

The middle shot is taken in debug environment and shows how the zombies react to each other as well as their environment: Every NPC has a line of sight (the pink area), a radius of hearing (red line) and even an area of smell – if a character is bleeding, the zombies will start charging towards him, attracting by the new prey. As the zombies also react to the other NPCs behavior, attracting one enemy can and will result into pulling a crowd of infected – and ammunition is a scarce…

The last picture on the right, again debug mode, gives an idea of the A.I. system and gives an idea of the several things the undead are able to perform: They sense disturbances, look for corpses to feast upon, follow other NPCs, and of course, as soon as attracted by any of the players’ actions, search for any human being in their proximity…

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About Trapped Dead

Trapped Dead is a tactical real time strategy game where players control their characters in a 3rd person isometric view through a mature Zombie survival scenario inspired by the successful Horror movies of the early 80s.

Our story takes place in the early 80s in a small town names Hedge Hill near Kansas City, Missouri. The sowing of a new genetically modified type of corn caused the existence of a new virus which mutated through the natural food chain. A dog bite of an infected animal caused a local outbreak of the virus which rapidly infected the inhabitants of the idyllic provincial town. Mike and Gerald, two college boys, are thrown into the middle of a terrifying horror scenario. Having pulled over to a gas station near Hedge Hill during what was meant to be an enjoyable road trip, they are unaware of the virus which has already reached the gas station and its staff…

About Headup Games

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Headup Games publishes high quality PC core games which embody the essential vision of each genre and setting.  Dedicated 100% to the most emotional form of modern media, we aim to satisfy the demands of our target group for the perfect experience by bringing the most entertaining titles to their screens. From gamers for gamers is our primary belief.

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