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TransGaming Technologies Announces Cedega Time Limited Demo

For Immediate Release

Toronto, Canada. - November 2, 2004. TransGaming Technologies, the world's leading developer of software portability products, today released a time limited demo of its flagship Linux product, Cedega. The Cedega Time Limited Demo will be available only for a two week period, from November 2nd to November 15th and can be downloaded at Cedega allows hundreds of the top triple 'A' PC titles to run on the Linux operating system, seamlessly, transparently, and out-of-the-box with equivalent game-play and performance as the original PC version. Some of the blockbuster video games supported by Cedega include the yet unreleased and highly anticipated Blizzard's® World of WarCraft®, Electronic Arts'TM Battlefield 1942TM, NCsoft'sTM City of Heroes®, UbiSoft'sTM Far CryTM and Edios'TM Hitman: ContractsTM, among hundreds of others; Cedega also supported id Software's DOOM 3TM the same day as its commercial release.

"The Linux operating system is becoming more pervasive globally and its proliferation is fueled by the broader availability of a range of applications. Consumers rank the ability to play video games on their desktop as one of the top 3 important reasons for the adoption of Linux. TransGaming is the only company in the world that gives users access to hundreds of the top video games on Linux which, in turn, is helping Linux distributions increase their market penetration and helping developers and publishers broaden their market size", remarks Vikas Gupta, Co-CEO & President of TransGaming Technologies.

The Cedega Time Limited Demo is intended to acquaint gamers with TransGaming's technology and showcase how effectively games can run on Linux using Cedega. Without Cedega, avid Linux gamers have access to only a handful of native Linux games that they can play, with only a subset of these games being top tier triple A titles. Cedega also represents the tipping point for many customers who are considering a migration to Linux.

Linux operating system providers who are interested in obtaining commercial distribution rights to Cedega should contact TransGaming directly. Developers and publishers who may have been considering supporting Linux, among the other gaming platforms, should also contact TransGaming to join the TransGaming Partner Program.

About TransGaming Technologies Inc.

TransGaming Technologies is a global leader in the development of software portability products that allow game developers and publishers to develop games for one system and deploy them across multiple platforms - faster, cheaper and better than anyone else. The platforms supported range from Linux, Mac to Xbox, PlayStation 2, and next generation devices. TransGaming Technologies is a registered Microsoft Xbox developer and a licensed Sony PlayStation 2 developer.

TransGaming's portability technologies have been applied to some of the hottest franchises and marquis blockbuster titles in the industry including Buena Vista Interactive's TRON 2.0®, Electronic Arts'TM James Bond 007TM: NightfireTM and The SimsTM, Legacy Interactive's Law & OrderTM, Lucas Arts' Indiana Jones® and The Emperor's TombTM, just to name a few. TransGaming's Linux product, Cedega, supports hundreds of the hottest and most popular games on Linux, out-of-the-box, including hit titles such as Battlefield 1942TM, Battlefield VietnamTM, Medal of HonorTM, EverQuestTM, Star Wars GalaxiesTM, World of WarCraft®, City of Heroes® and many more.

TransGaming has a research and development center in Ottawa, Canada, with business, strategy, and operational activities conducted at the Toronto, Canada office. More information about the company can be obtained at

TransGaming and Cedega are either registered trademarks or trademarks of TransGaming Technologies Inc. in Canada, the United States and/or other countries. All other products, company names, brand names, trademarks and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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