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Offering courses designed for those looking to work in the games industry.

Aspiring video game developers can get a head start in the industry with open learning provider, Train2Game, which offers courses giving people who are passionate about gaming the relevant skills for a career in games design, animation, programming and other related industries.

Since its initial intake last Spring, Train2Game has attracted over 1,800 students and is set to create highly skilled and employable professionals for the industry this year. Train2Game currently offers the Games Developer and Games Design courses, with the Games Artist course due to launch later this month.

The Train2Game courses have been created together with games developer, DR Studios, and are supported by the UK video games trade association, TIGA, who are the independent awarding and examination body for Train2Game. Portsmouth University and Bedfordshire University have been closely involved in reviewing the course content, and Bedfordshire University has also integrateduse Train2Game’s content integrating it into their own games development courses.

The Train2Game courses are designed by industry experts to ensure that developers receive entry-level employees with the skills required to hit the ground running. They provide students with hands-on experience of software packages used within the video games industry as well as webinars and access to course tutors, to create high quality, employable graduates.

Currently, the video games industry is one of the fastest growing entertainment industries with UK sales alone topping £3bn in 2009. These figures alone clearly highlight the need for skilled individuals, which Train2Game can help provide and contribute, to keep the industry’s continued growthy growing.

Clive Robert, CEO of DR Studios says, “With record-breaking video game sales last year* together with the raft of emerging, more easily accessed business opportunities around digital content, there has never been a better time to get into games, the industry is currently one of the biggest growth sectors on the planet. Train2Game helpsis set to provide people with the necessary skills to succeed in this competitive industry where there is a constanthigh demand for skilled games employeesprofessionals.”

Anyone interested in the Train2Game courses or a career in gaming can log onto Train2Game’s webchat on 18th March. Clive Robert and Tony Bickley from DR Studios, and Richard Wilson from TIGA will be online to answer questions. Find out more at <>

For further information about Train2Game please contact:

Nick Heller –

Kayleigh Watson –

020 7479 4310

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Games sales in 2009 hit £1.529bn, the second biggest year on record, even though sales were 14 per cent down on last year. Source: © ELSPA, Compiled by ChartTrack
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