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Games Developer and Games Design courses benchmarked against the Qualifications Credit Framework.

Open learning provider Train2Game is pleased to announce that its Games Developer and Games Design courses have been benchmarked against the Qualifications Credit Framework. A panel of education experts has determined that the courses are equivalent to Level 5 of the Qualifications and Curriculum Framework – the final stage of Higher National Diploma Study, or the first two years of a Bachelor's Degree1.

The benchmarking process compared Train2Game's courses to existing guidelines from bodies including Skillset, the Sector Skills Council for Creative Media, and has followed an in-depth review of the courses' content from the panel, which included TIGA Educational Advisors Professor Carsten Maple and Mark Eyles from the University of Bedfordshire and the University of Portsmouth respectively.

The two courses, created in association with industry specialist games developers DR Studios, provide people who are passionate about gaming the relevant skills for a career in games design, animation, programming and other related industries. An additional course, Games Artist, will launch in April.

Key findings of the panel:

• The Games Developer and Games Design courses offer a good challenge to students.

• Both courses are developed, managed and delivered by people with vast experience in the games industry, including consultation with the wider industry via TIGA members.

• Train2Game's courses are not only relevant to the games industry but can assist in the employability of students in the sector.

The University of Bedfordshire's Head of Department of Computer Science and Technology Professor Carsten Maple commented, "Our extensive evaluation of the Train2Game course content demonstrates its significant value in providing the skills and knowledge necessary to progress in the gaming industry. We’re looking forward to welcoming applications from Train2Game graduates and we're sure that other universities will follow suit."

Course Director Tony Bickley of DR Studios, added, "We're proud to confirm the successful benchmarking of Train2Game's courses against recognised industry standards. The panel’s findings prove that our courses are extremely relevant to the gaming sector and should ensure that Train2Game has full validation in the eyes of students who are considering taking up one of the courses, as well as with the prospective employers of our graduates."

For further information about Train2Game please contact Nick Heller or Kayleigh Watson on 020 7479 4310 or email /


1. If additional study and support were provided at Level 4 (equivalent to 75 CATS points for Games Developer or 90 CATS points for Games Designer), both courses would equate to a Higher National Diploma.

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