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Train & Train Collection for Microsoft Train Simulator

First Class Simulations release Track and Train - Collection for Microsoft Train Simulator

Product: Track & Train - Collection for Microsoft Train Simulator

Developer: Abacus

Genre: MicrosoftTMTrain Simulator 2004 Add-on

Format: PC CD

Release: October 2005.

Territory: UK /Scandinavia & Germany

RRP: £19.99

Barcode: 5060020472145

First Class Simulations is proud to announce the release of an exciting new compilation for Microsoft Train Simulator users. Track & Train - Collection for Microsoft Train Simulator marries together the private railroad management of a steel mining corporation, supervision of an array of steam, electric and diesel locomotives at a local engine shed plus breathtaking scenery including mountains, plains, cities and depots. Consisting of Railroad Train Set, The Engine Shed and Scenic Railway, all three titles have been developed by renowned US developer Abacus and brought together for the first time by First Class Simulations.

Railroad Train Set sees you at the helm whilst working for the LTV Steel Mining Corp. of Northern Minnesota. Built in the 1950's, the railroad is responsible for delivering rich ore to the steel mills along the Great Lakes. Around the open pit mines, powerful RS-11 and GP-20 switchers pull raw rock in sets of 8 Mangor cars to the ore processing plants. A few hundred yards away, a hundred mainline gondola cars loaded with iron pellets are being assembled into a train pulled by a team of F9's in an "ABBBA" lashup for the 74-mile trip to Taconite Harbour.

The Engine Shed offers a choice of electric, steam and diesel locomotives allowing the user to create his own string of cars (a consist) using Microsoft's built-in editor. With a customised consist, the player can elect to have any engine pulling any one of over 30 new cars installed with The Engine Shed or any of the cars from Microsoft Train Simulator.

Featuring an imaginary railway operating out of "Capital City", in Scenic Railway you'll hook up to a muscular SD40 and head out of the city towards the business district. Capital City is a large metropolis with highly detailed buildings and infrastructure. The scenic railway line runs through the most beautiful part of the country. The tracks parallel the mighty Thunder River on the way to Crystal Lake which sits behind the mighty Behemoth Dam. Scenic Railway lets you drive the painstakingly accurate "SD40" plus view breathtaking scenery including mountains, plains, city and depots all in a single session.

Track & Train - Collection for Microsoft Train Simulator will be available from October 2005.

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About First Class Simulations

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