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Train Conductor 2: USA

Direct trains passing through Nashville, Las Vegas and even the Grand Canyon.

MELBOURNE, Australia – July 13th, 2010 – iPhone owners and train aficionados can now take control over locomotives barreling through famous U.S. destinations in Train Conductor 2: USA (TC2), by Aussie developer The Voxel Agents. With the swipe of a finger, players get to direct trains passing through Miami Beach, the Grand Canyon, Nashville, Las Vegas and New York City.

Far from a simulation, TC2 is all about quick strategic decisions and superior hand-eye coordination as players guide locomotives across the horizontal tracks while avoiding head-on collisions with other trains. Several types are available: steam trains, electric subway trains, monorails, ghost trains and even “skull trains.” The game gets progressively harder as players advance, with an increased number of trains varying in length, speed and frequency. The new survival mode builds on the basic gameplay and turns players’ crash-avoidance skills into an art form.

Train Conductor 2: USA features many enhancements to the original game, including improved menu art, a simplified HUD (heads-up display), new music, new train models, a different look for stopped trains and varied environmental and weather effects, as well as five new levels featuring custom gameplay scenarios for U.S. landmarks:

Miami Beach – Control the Metromovers on skyrails (similar to monorails) The Grand Canyon – Connect steam trains over the gorge; deliver the trains carrying bombs before they fall into the deep crevice! New York City – Deliver subway trains on the authentic color-coded New York City lines; 1, 4, A, Q and S. Pillars between the tracks add an extra level of challenge Nashville – Ghost and skull trains turn the country music capital on its head Las Vegas – Sort the pink and green ghost trains before they get caught by Hector “The Fare Evader”!

“We came, we saw and we conquered — Australia. Now the challenge is America!” says Simon Joslin, CEO, The Voxel Agents. “We’ve added so much content to the game that Train Conductor fans will have a hard time putting the sequel down. Beware of extended sessions while at work – you might get fired!”

TC2 is solidly integrated with social networks. Those on Facebook can post TC2 scores to a friend’s profile or even compete in a friends-only leaderboard. Players can also post their scores on Twitter, challenging the entire planet in the process.

Train Conductor 2: USA will be available on Apple’s App Store and iTunes on July 13, 2010 for $0.99. An iPad version is also in the works – stay tuned.

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About The Voxel Agents

The Voxel Agents strive to make games that convert the unconverted, challenge those with a hard core, and leave a smile on everyone’s faces. Their quirky and innovative design approach makes for highly original and engaging games. The three founding Voxel Agents, all based in Melbourne, Australia, are Simon Joslin, Thomas Killen and Matthew Clark.

The Voxel Agents have also produced another iPhone/iPod Touch game, Dolphin Hero. To learn more about The Voxel Agents, visit http://www.thevoxelagents.com/

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