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TrackMania DS

Track editor laid bare in new video.

Breaking the established rules of the racing genre, the TrackMania series has created a whole new set of road rules in just a few years and proven that it is far more than just another racing game. Created by French studio Nadeo, TrackMania continues to attract millions of players worldwide.

With only one month to go before its November launch on the Nintendo DS™, we are pleased to unveil a new trailer for the game, showcasing the famous TrackMania track editor, which has been thoroughly recreated on the DS!

Track creation and sharing are all showcased in this extended video, available for download at the links below.

View the video (streaming)

The TrackMania Web site

With more than 100 official tracks of increasing difficulty awaiting players across three different game modes, TrackMania DS offers an incredible amount of replay value. Thanks to the included track editor, the game also allows players to create their own tracks to race in solo or multiplayer mode and share over Nintendo Local WiFi mode.

With a large library of over 300 construction blocks available, from super speed boosts to curving loops, as well as blocks straight from skate parks and the overflowing imagination of the TrackMania developers, the fun is never-ending, with an infinite number of new track possibilities limited only by the player's imagination. These cool new tracks can be saved onto the game cartridge and freely exchanged with friends thanks to the local WiFi connection.

TrackMania is an addictive game that allows you to race at mind-blowing speeds on spectacular tracks containing a variety of turbo boosts, jumps, loops and other extravagant track elements. Players can quickly create and save their own tracks with a very intuitive track editor, guaranteeing extraordinary lasting appeal and endless replay possibilities. With precise handling, exciting physics, a huge range of tracks, unparalleled fun in solo- or multiplayer, and player-created tracks, TrackMania pushes all the right buttons to make it a unique and thoroughly enjoyable racing game.

TrackMania is now set to launch on consoles for the first time, exploding onto the Nintendo DS™ and pushing the portable format to its limits.

Adapting TrackMania for the Nintendo DS was a real challenge. The first official announcement of the title raised many questions from the specialist press, mostly concerned about the console's ability to offer a game that holds its own in comparison to a popular and content-rich PC version. Those fears were quickly allayed, as enthusiastic comments rapidly followed as the game was presented at different stages of development and playable versions were shown during key international game conferences.

From the moment players first enter into TrackMania DS there is no doubt: this is pure TrackMania and true to the spirit of the series in every detail. Firebrand, the English development studio in charge of bringing TrackMania's pulse-pounding racing to the DS, specializes in racing games for the platform, has pushed the console to its limits, implementing all the elements that make TrackMania games successful. Everything is here… the much-beloved original gameplay, precision handling, fun for all with thrilling races against friends in multiplayer mode, and an addictive solo mode that sees you trying to beat increasingly established records.

Published by Focus Home Interactive and developed by Firebrand (makers of "Create & Race" for DS), TrackMania DS will be released in November on Nintendo DS.

About de Focus Home Interactive

Founded in 1996, Focus Home Interactive is a French publishing and distribution company based near Paris, France. Known for the diversity, quality and originality of its catalogue, Focus now publishes and distributes many of its titles throughout Europe and also world-wide in both boxed retail and digital distribution formats. The last five years have been very successful for Focus in France, with many of its PC licenses becoming top-sellers. Focus has also published several original titles, including the adventure game Runaway, the renowned Cycling Manager and the much-loved TrackMania. The coming months will be exciting and full of surprises with the release of high-quality games such as Blood Bowl, TrackMania DS, Runaway: A Twist of Fate, Sherlock Holmes and sport games dedicated to major events such as the America's Cup or the Tour de France.

About Firebrand Games

Firebrand Games was founded and is run by Mark Greenshields who has been in the games industry his entire career (since 1981). Firebrand Games have studios in Glasgow, UK and Florida, USA and specialise in the production of racing games. We are currently focusing exclusively on the Nintendo DS and Wii platforms and are working on high quality, high visibility branded games. Our team is made up of people that have worked together for some time and have considerable experience on many genres and platforms. All our games are developed using our proprietary technology; "Octane" which maximises efficiency and ensures consistent quality across products. Our stated goal is to "be the best at what we do" and we strive to make sure that is not an idle boast.

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