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Toy Story 3 accessories

Thrustmaster blast off with some officially-licensed accessories,

London, May 18th, 2010 — Thrustmaster, the video game accessories manufacturer, today announced an innovative, exclusive and officially-licensed product line up for the Nintendo Wii® and DS® consoles, planned to coincide with the launch of Toy Story 3, the new animated film from Disney·Pixar studios, in UK on July 23, 2010.

This fantastic range of Toy Story 3 accessories for the Nintendo Wii® and DS® consoles include charging stations, a backpack, and exciting new packs and styluses - each accessory cooler than the last! Users can dive right into the exciting world of the movie with their favourite accessories – all custom-designed in the image of Buzz Lightyear, the hero of the Toy Story films!

"We are happy to continue our successful collaboration with Thrustmaster, which began a few months ago," says Stéphane Hareau, Senior Category Manager, New Business Development at Disney Consumer Products, Europe. "This time we are proud to present the Toy Story 3 range of console accessories, which Thrustmaster has creatively developed. Toy Story 3 is going to be the biggest licensed event of 2010 and we’re sure our beloved characters will continue to bring excitement to all members of the family".

For fans of the Nintendo Wii® console, Thrustmaster will be offering two new creations:

A replica of the legendary Space Ranger's spaceship, the Toy Story 3 Spaceship Charger is a charging station for the Wii Remote, featuring a charge indicator LED. It's easy to recharge the controller: just place it inside Buzz Lightyear's spaceship! Plus it's safe for kids to use, since the unit connects directly to the console's USB port. A great little bonus: the spaceship opens up by pressing on its wing! It will be available at a suggested retail price of £19.99 (VAT included).

The versatile and fun Toy Story 3 Backpack featuring the image of Buzz Lightyear, is set to become the Wii gamers' favorite backpack for transporting their console games and accessories. Padded with multiple dedicated storage compartments and adjustable shoulder straps, this backpack perfectly protects all of the essential Wii gaming items, no matter where kids go... or what their "adventures" might lead to! Suggested retail price: £19.99 (VAT included).

For Nintendo DS® gamers, Thrustmaster will offer three innovative new items, never before seen in the world of video games – all incorporating a dash of fun and adventure, unique to the Toy Story saga:

The Toy Story 3 DS Pack includes 5 great, fun-filled items. First off, the hard-shell protective storage case (for the DS® Lite or DS®i* console, 2 styli* and 2 games*) features the holographic image of Buzz, and makes a spaceship sound when the console is put in or taken out of the case. A second, secret storage case (for 4 games* and 1 stylus*) can also be worn on the user's wrist – perfect for playing Space Rangers! The pack also contains a stylus with the image of Buzz Lightyear, a screen cleaning cloth, and a set of stickers that let gamers decorate their console and accessories with their favorite Toy Story 3 characters. Suggested retail price: £24.99 (VAT included).

The Toy Story 3 Projector Stylus is definitely the most magical stylus around: just press the button, and it projects the image of Buzz Lightyear onto the wall! The flexible bottom of the stylus, in the shape of a rocket engine, lets you easily control where the image is aimed. Suggested retail price: £4.99 (VAT included).

The Toy Story 3 Spaceship Station: easily store and recharge the Nintendo DS® Lite or DS®i console inside Buzz Lightyear's spaceship! The system uses the original charging cable included with the console – and allows for easy connection, thanks to a handy “fuel door” in the spaceship. It’s going to be a great journey, with your favorite console powering up in your favourite hero's spaceship! Suggested retail price: £16.99 (VAT included).

Not included.

This new line of Toy Story 3 accessories from Thrustmaster – "At your service!", as Buzz Lightyear would say – will be available just before the film opens in theaters!

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