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Toy Cars

Micro Machines-esque top-down racer out now for Xbox Live and PC.

TOY CARS is now Gold!

It is currently available for the following platforms:

- Xbox Live Indie Games: Downloadable for just 80 miserable MS points!

- PC: Available through the company's website for a very popular price: as much as you want to pay (with a minimum of 1 dollar).                                                     

About the game: TOY CARS offers an engaging driving experience using toy vehicles

on tabletop tracks created with everyday objects, with a cartoon visual style.

Enjoy the Singleplayer modes (Season and Quick Race) and unlock all cars the game offers while you complete tracks. Collect more cars than a petrodollar sheik!

TOY CARS also offers a multiplayer mod, allowing 4 users playing at the same time. Challenge your friends and don't let that gigantic banana block your way to victory!

About Eclipse Games: Our company is 100% european, 100% committed with the european industry and 100% willing to be sold to chinese investors if they make us swim in money. It's a young studio (less than a year) with a team of just one person but more than willing to increase staff with as many dumb cousins as our (currently non-existent) budget allows. 

For more information you can check our website, or contact us in our email  

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