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Townsmen's main character now available as plush toy - get your hands on cult pig Poopsy

Giebelstadt (Germany), September 13th, 2005

Once again HandyGamesTM cuts the edge: As first mobile game character ever Poopsy, the cute pig of the bestselling Townsmen series, is available as plush toy. Thanks to the incredible success of the strategy series Townsmen 1 and 2, Poopsy has reached some sort of cult status worldwide. Townsmen 2 has been awarded by Jamba / Jamster with the "golden gamer thumb" and received various international prizes.

Poopsy is known to tens of thousands of mobile gamers worldwide as cute and cuddly pig of the Townsmen series. Just before the anxious awaited release of Townsmen 3, HandyGamesTM, the leading independent developer of mobile games, brings Poopsy as plush toy on the market.

It was important to HandyGamesTM that Poopsy meets the high-quality standards and stands for lasting fun as the challenging and top quality Townsmen series does. For the production of the cuddly pig made in Germany HandyGamesTM has chosen the German plush toy specialist Kösener Spielzeug Vertriebs GmbH. Poopsy can be ordered over or and is soon available in our shop at

Overview over the important facts:

  • Poopsy is the first plush toy of a mobile game character
  • Poopsy is the well-known and famous character of the successful Townsmen series (bestselling game at Jamba 2004)
  • Poopsy, the plush toy, is made of high-quality materials and meets absolute high-quality standards
  • Young and old will love the cute and cuddly Poopsy plush toy
  • Poopsy will be back on mobile phones with Townsmen 3 in November 2005

Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Vertriebs GmbH (Germany)

About GmbH

HandyGamesTM is one of the leading independent developers of mobile games. The company with offices in Giebelstadt (Germany) and Bucharest (Romania) has its own effective international distribution network. The company was founded 2000 by the Markus and Christopher Kassulke and Udo Bausewein. The developer has currently more than 45 employees and plans to expand further. The vast and extensive product range is characterized by its high quality and comprises not only downloadable and pre-installed games and applications for mobile phones (based on J2ME) but also applications for the mobile internet. The company is one of the pioneers in this sector. HandyGamesTM has developed top sellers like the Townsmen and Ancient Ruins series. The success of the company is also reflected by long-term co-operations with the leading handset manufacturers and operators. HandyGamesTM is the first mobile games developer who brings a merchandising product on the market: plush toy Poopsy of the cult series Townsmen. More information at

About Kösener Spielzeug Vertriebs GmbH

For 90 years, toys have been produced at Bad Kösen (Germany). These long years of traditional craftsmanship provide the basis for the production.

We put special emphasis on naturalistic appearance, good quality and on the fact that people enjoy playing with our products which are manufactured carefully by hand. The Halle Fine Arts College, Burg Giebichenstein (Germany), has been accompanying this development. The Schache family who are managing the firm nowadays fell obliged to this tradition. All our cuddly toys are still being produced at Bad Kösen. Our graduated designers develop each their own and unmistakable style for realising new animals. We also fulfil customised preferences.

In 2000, the SILKE brand was integrated into our portfolio: a wide range of rag dolls and cuddly animals in superior qualities, intended for smaller children, which is now being produced at Bad Kösen, too. The SILKE brand will be continued in the excellent Bad Kösen tradition, and it ideally complements our naturalistic toy animals. For further information visit our website

Contact details:

Ute Muendlein GmbH

i_Park Klingholz 13

97232 Giebelstadt


Tel.: +49 (0) 9334 9757 - 22

Fax: +49 (0) 9334 9757 - 19

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