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Touchlink partners with Micazook

3D games in development for worldwide distribution

Danish mobile content publisher and developer Touchlink Mobile has announced a new partnership with British developer Micazook, which will see several new 3D mobile games created in the next six months.

The first of several new titles will be a 3D car racing game, which is due for release at the beginning of January 2006. Touchlink and Micazook are currently in negotiations with several car manufacturers to obtain brand sponsorship and in-game customisation for the title. The companies claim to have secured a deal with one of the major players in the automotive industry, though full details have yet to be revealed.

Future titles under the new partnership include Naked 3D Football, which is an erotic take on the nation's favourite game, featuring "sexy realistic girls." In addition, several, as yet undisclosed titles are in development and the companies are working together on numerous projects for future release.

Micazook is a British developer and publisher of mobile content, with a small but rapidly expanding portfolio of quality 3D single and multiplayer mobile games. The company's largest project at present is the I-Citizen 3D mobile community, which is currently in development with Touchlink Mobile.

Founded in 2003, Touchlink Mobile has already established itself as a worldwide publisher of innovative mobile content. With development studios in the Ukraine, Touchlink provides cost effective outsourcing services like custom development, localization, handset and platform porting and quality assurance.

Touchlink has also announced a deal with another Danish firm, Sandager Small Games, for the exclusive development of a series of games and mobile content based on Discovery Kids cartoon, Tutenstein.

The first two games under the partnership, an arcade challenge and an innovative puzzle game, will be brought to market by Sandager for Java enabled handsets by the end of 2005.

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