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Total Action, Total Immersion and Total Fun

Hip Games, world leading publisher of PC and Videogames, is pleased to announce that the CT Special Forces Fire For Effect web site has now gone live.

CT Special Forces, based on the world of counter-terrorism, now in 3D for the first time, is an action game that pumps up the adrenaline level during fierce, full action and enthralling combat sequences where the player will be able to control two different characters. Stealth Owl, an expert in precision shooting, free fall and stealth and Raptor, a specialist in heavy weapons and situations requiring close combat.

Bringing the superb and imaginative CT brand to PC and next gen gamers,

100% action content, with everything being created and designed to have immediate fun, will have gamers on the edge of their seats.

Travel and fight in numerous countries around the globe offering lavish and detailed internal and external action and destructible settings. When the going gets tough only those that have real focus and adroitness will win through. Enemies have several levels of courage so be prepared to be tested and don't forget that there is an enemy boss in the area to confront.

A wealth of diversity and challenges within each of the missions -

25 plus in total - in huge environments - Urban City, Arid Desert, Hostile Mountains - ensures hours of endless and compelling gameplay.

As a CT Special Forces operative you have to go beyond enemy lines and accomplish highly risky tasks, such as destroying an anti-aircraft position which will allow the regular forces to enter the zone and take out all remaining enemies.

Never-seen before weapons such as the electro-mag grenades, sonar coupled to armour piercing machine guns, angle-fire rifles, etc., guarantee that endless surprises are in store. This coupled with a myriad of impressive ingame features can be seen on

Features also include:

  • The latest rag-doll techniques deployed for fuller realism.
  • Improved explosions system to recreate a realistic experience.
  • Skydiving - a first - offering a totally new and enthralling 3D sensation!

CT HI-TECH VISION includes: 'enhanced vision' for magnifying light, especially in dark environments, 'infra-red vision', for detecting heat sources and hunting out humans and vehicles, 'sonar vision' for seeing through materials.

There won't be one solution to finish a level but many, depending on what you do, what you drive, what you choose ... to stay alive!

Visit the CT: Special Forces: Fire for Effect Website For More Information

Release date 25th March - PlayStation 2 - XBOX - PC

About Hip Interactive

Hip Interactive ( is a leading provider of electronic entertainment products, including PC and video games, movies, video arcade games, and proprietary games, branded as Hip GamesTM, and accessories, branded as Hip GearTM. The company distributes all first party products, including Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo hardware, software and accessories, as well as third party licensed video game software. With offices across North America and in Europe, Hip uses its distribution business to leverage into higher margin, higher growth areas of the electronic entertainment industry, such as licensing, publishing and its proprietary games and accessories. Hip Interactive trades on The Toronto Stock Exchange under the trading symbol HP.

About Hip Interactive Europe ( ) :

Hip Interactive Europe is a full subsidiary of Hip Interactive (TSX: HP). Hip Interactive is a publisher and distributor of videogames and accessories for interactive leisure. With its headquarters in Marseilles (France), and UK London office, Hip Interactive Europe publishes and distributes videogames on all the European territories as well as other PAL territories. Hip Interactive Europe is present on all the main platforms: PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox and Game Boy Advance. Hip Interactive Europe produces games based on its own brands such as CT: Special Forces but also on licences coming from the most important Hollywood Majors such as The Mummy The Animated series from Universal.

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