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Tortuga - Pirate's Revenge

Unrest in the Caribbean

The Caribbean in the year 1660... Spain grows weaker under the pressure of the New Nations, while these attempt to secure their share of the "golden cake".

England and France have few ships under their command, and so decide to legitimize cutthroats and employ pirates, like buccaneers. Gradually, many cities turn into a paradise for criminals, becoming havens where their stolen, smuggled goods and slaves are traded.

During these darkening times most civil servants are corrupt, officers are brutal and governors are power-hungry. Worst of all is the Spanish governor DeRojas, who intends to remove the weak Spanish viceroy from power and then build his own empire, an inhuman empire of suppression and exploitation.

The Legend of the Lost Treasure Fleet

In 1572 Francis Drake, a buccaneer of Elizabeth I, raids the Spanish city Nombre de Dios near Panama and captures the Spanish Treasure Fleet. Six ships under the command of the Spanish admiral Don Pablo de Servantes escape from the English assault, yet they disappear under mysterious circumstances in the Bermuda Triangle. This legendary and deadly triangle is infested with sharks and wrecks of sunken ships lying in their wet graves.

Myths and legends evolve - did monsters drag the ships to the bottom of the ocean? Did greed infest the seamen and they disappeared with all the treasure? Did a curse transform de Servantes and his ships into ghostly apparitions?

Fear and superstition ensure that most traders and sailors avoid this region. Yet six ships laden with the finest gold and silver is a booty that most pirates, privateers and even an ambitious governor cannot resist for long.

The Game

The action adventure "Tortuga - Pirates Revenge" narrates the adventurous story of Aurelius, a former slave. A swashbuckler and a treasure hunter, Aurelius leads his ship through the unknown waters around the islands in the Caribbean.

"They called him 'Boy' or 'Slave'. They beat him with whips, they abducted his people, and they murdered his family. When the ageing pirate captain Diego unshackles him the tide turns: Aurelius, the black pirate captain, is now hunting down his former tormentors."

Tactical battles at sea and skill-based sword fights dominate the action segment. The extensive adventure features many main and side quests. Additionally, over 35 opening, interim and concluding sequences lead you through the game world.

"When Aurelius loots a rare artifact purely by coincidence, the story begins to unfold. The artifact, which is intended for the Spanish governor DeRojas, appears to be a clue towards the location of the legendry fleet of treasures."

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows® 98SE/ME/2000/XP

Minimum system requirements: Intel/AMD 1.0 GHz; 128 MB RAM for Windows 98SE/ME, 256 MB RAM for Windows 2000/XP; DirectX 8 compatible 32 MB graphics card; DirectX compatible sound card; 4x CD-ROM drive; 700 MB HDD space; DirectX 9 (included on the CD)

Recommended system requirements for optimal performance: Pentium IV 1.6 GHz; 512 MB RAM; DirectX 9 compatible 64 MB graphics card.

Ascaron Entertainment

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