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Tortuga - Pirate's Revenge

Ascaron is about to set sail again in the first quarter of 2005 with the action adventure “Tortuga – Pirate’s Revenge”.

More than 35 complex intros and elaborate sequences spin the story about the fate of the former slave "Aurelius" while immersing the buccaneers in front of their PCs in the Caribbean of the 16th century.

The game provides cutting-edge graphics during the action packed sea battles and the thrilling sword fights will challenge the player to employ all the skills they can muster.

The cinematic presentation combined with a rich design of graphics, sound and music will engross the player in the adventurous world of the Caribbean right from the start.

Ascaron Entertainment

Ascaron Entertainment is one of the pioneers in the development of computer games. It is also one of the leading developers of computer games in Germany and has been prominent in the sales charts for more than a decade with titles such as Patrician, ANSTOSS, Vermeer, Port Royale and SACRED.

Ascaron is headquartered in Gütersloh and Germany maintains a development studio in Aachen (Germany) as well as an international department in Birmingham (UK).

Currently, Ascaron markets its products in more than 30 countries. In 2004, the overall sales volume including proprietary brand franchises will exceed one million units. For further information about Ascaron Entertainment, please visit

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