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Top-RTS title developed by World Forge added to Playlogic’s line-up

Playlogic announces acquisition of “Sparta – Ancient Wars”

Amsterdam, 12 May 2005 - Today Publisher Playlogic International N.V. announced the acquisition of the real time strategy game Sparta - Ancient Wars developed by the Russian team World Forge. This highly anticipated Real Time Strategy title will be released in 2006.

Sparta - Ancient Wars (PC) delivers a bold and tense storyline to bring the old times back to life again. Three campaigns from different perceptions tell a tale of martial conflicts, diplomatic manoeuvres and familiar tragedies. The rise and fall of legendary races and mighty heroes will catch all your attention. More than thirty missions are initiated with cut scenes preparing for battles with no unit limitation. Not only these cut scenes provide an impressive background; unpredictable events give sudden changes, contradict existing missions and require complete new tactics.

Sparta - Ancient Wars will push the scale of graphics and game play to the next level, thanks to the brand new high-end "Ancient Wars Engine" named AWE. Sparta - Ancient Wars features a revolutionary physics engine, developed for real time strategy games, which is able to raise the game feeling to a new dimension. The realism in Sparta - Ancient Wars goes far enough to show bloody injuries and killed units that are left behind. Such realistic and pitiless battlefield scenarios have only been shown in Hollywood movies until date.

Stefan Layer, COO/VP of Playlogic International N.V.: "Sparta - Ancient Wars is only the beginning of many acquisitions, which will illustrate Playlogic's move to become a top publisher. The potential for Sparta in the world market is extraordinary, not just because of its general appeal and gameplay elements but many unique features, which will also be revealed at E3."

Playlogic will show a Sparta playable demo behind closed doors, and a rolling demo will be shown to the trade public at booth No. 2340 in the West Hall. Sparta's developer World Forge will demonstrate the game at exclusive 30 minute meetings by appointment, at booth No. 7005 in Kentia Hall.


  • Real time strategy game orientating on historical time line
  • Revolutionary "Ancient Wars Engine" (AWE) with spectacular graphics
  • Three campaigns of different nations
  • Special multi player maps
  • More than 30 missions
  • Greatly staged battles without unit limitation
  • Battles on land and on sea
  • Self developed physics engine
  • Cut scenes & sequences with in-game graphics
  • Realistic injuries and remaining bodies

About Playlogic

Playlogic International N.V. is the largest Dutch independent publisher and developer of games for console, PC, handheld and mobile devices; a games company that publishes game concepts on all platforms, across various genres that are delivered through all available channels of distribution (online and offline) to the end-users of every age, male and female.

Playlogic is experienced in publishing and developing digital entertainment products on all relevant platforms.

Playlogic, established in early 2002, publishes games that are being developed by Playlogic's in-house studio Playlogic Game Factory based in Breda, The Netherlands, as well as games that are being developed by a large number of studios throughout Europe and the USA.

In total, there are 11 projects on several platforms on the current release list. New titles will be added throughout the year, since Playlogic is always looking for additional, high-quality games.

Playlogic acquires products that can be exploited in the complete value chain of digital entertainment products; from games at retail to mobile games and digital TV.

Come and visit us at the E3: booth number 2340; West Hall.

About World Forge

World Forge is a developer team with 28 employees located in Voronezh/Russia.

It is currently working on the high anticipated Real Time Strategy title "Sparta - Ancient Wars" and the "Ancient Wars Graphics Engine" named AWE.

About IMC

IMC InteractiveMediaConsulting GmbH is Europe's first full-service agency for

Entertainment, Infotainment und Multimedia, located in Cologne/Germany. With excellence in Producing, Marketing, PR and Licensing IMC offers an effective unit working for Developers and Publishers worldwide.

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