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Top Five Places To Get It On

Spice Up Your Sex Life With 7 Sins

Continuing from the earlier lessons in love from the 7 Sins universe, Digital Jesters offer players a little spice for the their love lives with the top five places to get it on with the ladies.

So once you've found the woman of your dreams and reached the point in your relationship where sex is definitely on the cards, get off on getting it on in one, or all of these places:

5 - The Apartment Bed

Not the most original of places to slip into something more comfortable, which explains its place at the bottom of the list. Perfectly acceptable for the more reserved lovers, but without an audience or the chance of discovery, the excitement factor is dangerously low.

4- The Shower

Hot, steamy and a perfect place to get down and dirty, then scrub yourself clean and wash the sin away. Plenty of scope for fun and games with the soap bar too! It's more adventurous than the bedroom, but still lacks that extra risk of getting caught in the act.

3 - The Changing Room

Not one for the claustrophobic Casanova, but the fitting room is a perfect for a quickie while you try out that saucy new lingerie. It's a tight squeeze, and with nothing but a thin veil between you and the other customers, the excitement factor is drastically increased.

2 - The Nightclub

It may not tickle everyone's fancy, but for those who just can't wait until they get home, sex on the sofas in a darkened club can be a serious turn on. With party goers and keen eyed bouncers milling around, it's one for the daring and the devilish to try.

1- The Shop Window

Live life on the edge! - The ultimate exhibitionist fantasy is something only the serious adrenaline junkies should try. In plain view of the public, shoppers and the store manager's watchful eye, this blatant sinful sex act could only ever be held at the very top of list.

7 Sins will be available for PC CD-ROM and PlayStation 2 on May 20th 2005, and there's plenty more saucy action to be found...if you're feeling sinful enough to try.

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