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Too Human

Soundtrack CD available now.

St. Catharines, ON (November 25, 2008) – Silicon Knights, one of the world’s largest independent developers, has just announced that the “Too Human” soundtrack is now available for purchase. This haunting musical CD, which was just nominated for “Best Original Video Game Score” by the Hollywood Music Awards, features tracks from the game, such as “Relic”, “Path to Attrition”, “The World Tree” and “Gods and Chaos”, along with 16 other harmonic tracks. All the music was originally scored by Silicon Knights’ award-winning composer, Steve Henifin, and performed by the FILMharmonic Orchestra and Choir Prague. This hour-long soundtrack is mixed in a continuous format with special extras and remixes to deliver a one-of-a-kind listening experience. Selling for $15.98, the “Too Human” soundtrack can be ordered at <> , Best <> , iTunes and the CD label’s own site Sumthing Distribution. <>

The game “Too Human” is based on Norse mythology, retold as a technologically advanced lost civilization. Great care was taken to maintain the Old Norse setting, and this goes for the music as well. The soundtrack feature period instruments, such as the Hardanger, Lyre, Alpenhorn and Langeleik, and Old Norse vocals that are loosely based off of the Norse Eddur.

The music ranges by location and scenario. There are moments of long beds of orchestral music, followed by electronic/metal sounding tracks that put the listener into a different space altogether. There are also vast ambient tracks that are made of layers upon layers of sample-based sounds and evolving electronic sounding textures as well.

In “Too Human”, the Cybernetic god Baldur is faced with the task of defending mankind from the hordes of machines bent on destroying humanity. The game’s music helps to evolve the player through tales of discovery, bloodlust, vengeance, and glory. “Music is key to character establishment, keeping continuity throughout the game play, and in its relation to the story” said Steve Henifin, Director of Audio for Silicon Knights.” “Having the tracks evolve around each setting is something that draws you more into the experience and gives players a sense of progression.”

So while the music and audio is Norse in its presentation, it is not exclusively Norse in its sound. It branches out quite a bit, but still stays in the realm of an ancient lost world of technology. It also has its moments using a more aggressive contemporary sound. In places, the Silicon Knights audio team brought in layers of electronic elements, but in a more subtle way. The cyber elements are more elegant and organic in style. In some cases the song style was influenced by the style of the instrument itself, whether that be a Balaban, Bone flute, Frame Drum, Bagpipe or something else, making the phrasing and general feel of a song constructed around the characteristic of that one instrument.

For more information about “Too Human” and its soundtrack, go to <> and <> .

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About Silicon Knights

With games like “"Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem", "Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes" and “Too Human”, Ontario-based Silicon Knights has blasted to the top of the gaming world, working with the likes of Nintendo and Microsoft. With its emphasis on story-driven content, Silicon Knights is currently one of the world’s largest independent developers. Its games envelop millions of players in fantastical worlds that make the player think as well as act.

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