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Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory: New Screens Available Now!

Getting ready to rest and relax over the holidays? Not Sam Fisher - he's embarking on a new mission to salvage world peace in the face of his most nefarious foes ever. Gamers worldwide will get to experience Sam's latest series of objectives - along with groundbreaking co-op and versus multiplayer modes - in March 2005.

For now, 5 new screens deliver a taste of the game's industry-leading graphics, realistic light and shadow, and, of course, Sam Fisher - operating undetected with a host of new gadgets and moves, closer to the enemy than ever before.

Screenshots Description

These 5 new screenshots, taken from the single player campaign, illustrate the outstanding beauty of the SCCT graphic engine. Soft shadows, dynamic lighting system, material reflections, and normal mapping bring a level of details never reached before in a video game.

Screen 1

Incredibly detailed work has gone into textures and lighting for this paved floor, the depth perception alone is very impressive.

Screen 2

Take note of the candle light reflection on the glass, and the detailed facial expression of the NPC

Screen 3

All shadows are very smooth and give real authenticity to the environment in this spectacular display of light and shadow projection

Screen 4

Volumetric water steam with real time light reflection

Screen 5

Another impressive floor texturing, with normal mapping effects and detailed background.

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